On-Lap 1102 Low Blue Light Monitor Cares for Your Eyes 

Q: 1102H runs out of battery, and I am away from wall socket. What can I do? (Scramming: I want to watch the next episodes!!)
A: On-Lap 1102H is a very low power consuming monitor, which can be powered by power bank. Hence, you can take out the USB cable which comes with 1102H monitor and connect to power bank and…keep on binge watching!

Connect the HDMI cable to the adapter.

HDMI cable is included in On-Lap 1102H package. But you will need to prepare an extra HDMI adapter for your smartphone!

Using On-Lap 1102H portable monitor to mirror your smartphone is very easy.
Connect the HDMI cable to your smartphone and 1102H, then…Done!!! Yes, no more steps! And now you can play videos! Isn’t it super simple? 😉

↑1102H is equipped with a stand for multiple viewing angles, no need to hold it!

Is Smartphone’s tiny screen making our eyes worse?

Enlarge Your Smartphone & Veg Out on Bed! 


🤔 There are USB-C, MHL, lightning HDMI dongles in the market. How can I find which one to use

      for my smartphone?  

🔎 Very easily! Please identify which type of port at the bottom of your phone is and then find the corresponding adapter. For example, if your phone has a type-C port, then you should find “USB-C to HDMI adapter/dongle.”
Here we introduce several best-selling mobile phones and their related HDML adapters. Perhaps include the one you have!

Enjoy !

🤔Find free APPs for binge watching?
🔎Streaming Apps for Android:
Crackle, Kodi, Viki, ABC – Live TV & Full Episodes, SPB TV, NBC, HBO NOW, HISTORY, Cartoon Network App

🔎Streaming Apps for iOS:
Popcornflix, Crackle, SnagFilms, Viewster, Showbox, Tubi TV

Binge watching relaxes us! Imaging that you can watch your favorite shows on a larger mobile display at every corner of your house and get rid of the tiny screen on your phone. 

How it Works?

*Android users please confirm whether your smartphone supports HDMI output or not, and prepare a HDMI adapter for your smartphone, for example, USB-C to HDMI adapter. (You may need to check the spec with your manufacturer.) 

​​​by  G. editor  |   Update: Feb 26, 2019

Not enough space to Install an extra TV in bed room. 

Connect the HDMI adapter to the smartphone. 

🤠 Just in Case You Wonder:

Open your streaming apps, lie in bed and begin a chilly night!

Not having multiple TVs at home and often having quarrels!

*iPhone users please use Apple’s lightning adapter. 


Watching your favorite movies or episodes from your Android and iOS smartphone while lying on bed is a great enjoyment. Binge-watching videos from smartphone is quick to access if you’ve downloaded streaming apps. You will not need to spend extra time and energy to find sources. Quite convenient!

On-Lap 1102H portable monitor has a built-in 6900 mAh battery that can last at least 4.5 hours. It’s quite convenient that you can use the monitor while you are away from a wall socket and use it at any corner of your house. 

1102H is also equipped with a Full HD, 11.6 Inch IPS panel. IPS panel are known to create super wide-viewing angles, wide color gamut and better color accuracy. So, no matter where you lie in your bed, left side or right side, the monitor will not cause the phenomenon of color cast. Enjoy a vivid & colorful monitor all night long! 

Watch Your Favorite Episodes on the Larger Screen Anywhere! 

How to Mirror Phone Screen to Binge

Watch TV Shows on a Portable Monitor Outdoors?

“Research now suggests that, for many people, smartphone screen exposure is making our eyes worse.”

Love to use Mobile phone to binge watch and feel eye strain.

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Enlarge Your Phone Screen in 1 Second

Q: How to find a good HDMI adapter for my phone?

A: First, please confirm whether your smartphone supports HDMI output or not, though most of the smartphones now support HDMI output. Second, please use the HDMI adapter from your smartphone’s manufacturer and avoid using those low-price adapters. We’ve found some generic brands in a cheaper price cannot deliver HDMI video signal to a monitor which causes a black screen. 

Ajith Karunarathne, Assistant Professor at the University of Toledo’s department of chemistry and biochemistry, points out “It’s no secret that blue light harms our vision by damaging the eye’s retina,” in a released statement. Scientists have found that the wavelength of blue light is shorter than other visible light, which will focus in the front of the retina in advance, which is easy to cause scattering. Therefore, the eye needs to focus more hardly and cannot relax, which increases eye strain.


I'm going to watch Game of Thrones. See you next time…

After long working hours of a day, I just want to put on my pajama and lie in bed to use my phone to enjoy me-time. I turn on the streaming app on my phone and binge watch on my tiny phone screen for hours!


Therefore, On-Lap 1102H features an OSD menu for users to reduce blue light on the monitor for keeping eyes healthy. Further, you can adjust “Brightness” through the OSD menu to decrease brightness contrast between the monitor and environmental lighting to protect your eyes. For example, when you stay in a dark environment, you should lower the brightness of the monitor to match the environment. 

Mobile phone’s tiny screen can cause serious vision problems. Smartphones have small screens, small fonts, and the distance from the eyes is very short. After a long time starring at a tiny screen, eyes are highly concentrated, which increases eye fatigue.

On-Lap 1102H is designed to enlarge your phone screen. With
256.32mm*144.18mm (WxH) viewing area and flick-free IPS panel, 1102H monitor can make your phone screen about 2.5 times bigger than your smartphone. You can enjoy binge watching while having a more comfortable viewing experience!  

Create a Small Dream Space by Your Smartphone!

Connect the other micro-HDMI end of HDMI cable to 1102H.  

“If I have a mobile display to enlarge my phone screen, I can watch my favorite shows more comfortably!”

🤔 How to select power bank for On-Lap monitors?

🔎 All of On-Lap series monitors only consume 5V2A power or even under. Hence, a power bank with at least 2A output will be the top choice!

However, such enjoyment might be interrupted if you encounter the following conditions! 💔

“Watching episode after episode of a show feels so good!”