Running out of the Battery in the Monitor? Don’t Worry! 

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2. Connect GeChic HDMI cable to the dock. 

2.Connect the Micro-USB plug on the USB cable to the 1102H monitor. 

by  G. editor  |   Update: June 27, 2019

Crowded with friends

infront of a tiny screen? 

Does Nintendo Switch’s Three Play Modes Really Satisfy You?

Playing switch on a larger portable monitor on the go only requires the accessories below: 

Today we take our FHD Anti-Glare portable monitor to the café and play Switch games! On-Lap 1102H portable monitor equips with 178°(H)、178°(V) wide viewing angles panel, even the people at the next table can watch your games clearly. 

Built-in OSD Menu: Choose Color Effects & Reduce Blue Light


1.Switch the button to the USB symbol, and the monitor will be powered by external DC power. 

Hand Held Mode

1. Place Switch into the dock.

And connect to Zmi 10 power bank

for power. 

In case you play too much, the battery in the 1102H runs out. Here is another way to turn on the monitor. Just need to switch the button at the side of the monitor to the USB symbol and use the GeChic USB cable which is included in 1102H package to connect to the monitor and the two USB ports at the side of the switch dock to charge the monitor! 

​3.Connect the other two USB-A plugs on the USB cable to the ports at the side of Switch dock.   


Tabletop Mode

TV Mode

Ultra-Wide Viewing Angles, Play at Any Position 

 Switch dock requires high wattage. Hence, the usage of the dock is limited, as you will always need to connect it to a wall socket. However, here we find a good stuff! The maximum wattage of the “Zmi 10 power bank” can reach 45W. Successfully turn on Switch in TV mode. Enjoy your portable big screen switch outdoors! 

When playing two-player or multi-player games, a bigger screen is really needed. You’ll not wish to squeeze with your friends in front of the small switch screen all the battles.  Connect to On-Lap monitor to enlarge the display and play switch in TV mode on the road. Even you accidentally met an old friend, you can play games which absolutely takes you back to the good old days!


The Larger, the Better: Play Games on TV at Home & on

Portable Monitor when Outdoors 

Play Anywhere! No Need to Plug in the Wall Socket 

Play Fun with On-Lap Series Monitors 


Play Nintendo Switch in TV Mode,Portable Big Screen Switch  with

The whole series of On-Lap monitors includes the size from 11.6 inch to 15.6 inch, and all of them support standard HDMI video signal input. A HDMI video signal cable is included in their package for plugging to game consoles. Plug and play without any drivers needed!
Let’s walk you through how to connect it!


Spend 30 minutes and your arms are probably sore!


This 11.6-Inch ultra-slim monitor is with built-in Li-Po 6900mAh battery. Just need to press the power button to turn on the monitor!

In public, in order to avoid disturbing others, we wear headphones to enjoy a wonderful time playing switch! Most of On-Lap series monitors have an ear phone jack at the side of the monitor, just plug in and enjoy!
To play game consoles, you don’t always need to choose to stay at home. Find a warm, bright place to enjoy games on weekends!  

Fig.: 1102H adopts anti-glare panel. So even use it when going for a picnic, the display still can display crystal clear images without glare. 

Although our Nintendo Switch offers gamers three modes to play with, none of the modes can gurantee you a comfortable gaming experience anywhere. It is really good to play switch on TV at home, but when you go outdoors and there’s no luck for you to play it on TV, then you have no choice but to play the games on that tiny, 1280x720 switch screen…What a shame! Your games can even offer full 360-degree view or first-person exploration! 

Built-in Battery Lasting up to 5 Hours 

The built-in OSD menu in 1102H features brightness, contrast ratio, color temp. and volume…etc. adjustments.  There are even four-color effects including” Standard,” “Photo,” “Game,” and “Movie” for choosing.


3. The other end of the HDMI cable to the 1102H monitor.  

It’s sad that you cannot

bring your TV on the go! 



Except handheld mode, Nintendo Switch can be also played in TV mode on a larger external screen. Thanks to switch supports standard HDMI video and audio output. Connecting it to a larger and portable monitor is very convenient for playing two-player and multi-player games on the go!