Save your product/service presentation to a mini PC, then you can setup your own advertising display. Just plug & play, no other techniques required. You can also assemble one!

Interview Report with 原価BAR: 

“Adopt On-Lap as part of contemporary art work. A new option due to good

quality and maintainability.” – The National Art Center, Tokyo


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  • On-Lap 1503H 15.6 Inch Portable Monitor​ 
  • 1503 Multi-Mount Kit
  • Rear Dock 
  • On-Lap 1503I 15.6 Inch, IPS Portable Touchscreen Monitor    
  • On-Lap proprietary HDMI-A&USB-A to dock port cable  

Source of materials: Akiba PC Hotlines

Plug & Play with a Wide Range of HDMI Device:

Decorate an Exhibition Wall

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Exhibition Monitor Solutions:

Embed a Commercial Display to Exhibition Wall

 On-Lap 1503H Monitor becomes a part of the contemporary art  in

      Japan’s National Art Museum!

Products Used in this Case

Popular Space-Saving Digital Signage  for Your Business!

Products Used in this Case 

Connect this 2 in 1 cable to the back of the monitor

​➽ On-Lap 1503I Touch Monitor at FSP’s booth


Products Used in this Case

Here’s our application to fulfill enterprises’ different demands of exhibition monitor. Comparing to huge size of monitors, with 11-15 inch advertising monitors you can assemble and create your own business solution more easily.

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Embed On-Lap 1503I 15.6 inch monitor into the decoration in Anne Frank Exhibition. Visitors can watch the video of survival’s interviews.

by  G. editor  |   Update: March 04, 2019

Due to budget and space limitations, the ultra-thin On-Lap 1503H IPS monitor is chosen by 原価BAR 五反田店 to show their digital menu on the checkout counter, when comparing to the traditional signage display!

Install a compute stick on Rear Dock at the back of the monitor display slideshows or videos to engage your customers! 

Catch visitors’ eyes by a chic display is always a highlight for events, corporate entrance, tradeshows, and retail. 

↓1503I monitor shows the data from the FSP Bit Coin mining machine

“A digital signage is often considered as a large object installed at a station or other public space. But in recent years, an advertising display that can be installed in a small space like cash register, checkout counter is appealing to small merchants. Especially in a restaurant, the effect is obvious. With a monitor in the proper size on the counter, the information of products and serve easily catches customers’ eyes and
increase purchase intention.” – By Akiba PC Hotlines 


↓Influence your customers with a digital signage in front of their eyes 

First of all, make a quick check of the key features for choosing an exhibition monitor. 

↓Help more customers learn more about the bar’s products and services  

​➽ On-Lap 1503I Monitor at Anne Frank Exhibition 

1503H/I/A monitor provides a rear port at the back of the monitor. For a clear front view, you can remove the cables at the side of the monitor by using this Two-in-1 cable to accommodate the monitor to your exhibition wall more properly !

Fast to Set up: 

Use a space-saving portable monitor to show the applications of your products without taking up too much space on your booth table!

1503I monitor is attached with a stand at the back of the monitor. Users can easily set it up or turn the monitor horizontally or vertically. 

How to Wall Mount Your Monitor?

  • IPS Panel -to make sure the best viewing angles for all visitors
  • Easy Installation - on Wall or small desk
  • Plug & Play with HDMI Input - to keep the possibility for connecting with all kinds of devices
  • Low Power Consumption - cost saving and you may get rid of the AC power socket.
  • All in One Solution - to use with mini PC or compute stick...etc.
  • Portability – in case you may move forward to other venues

How to display a video or slide show presentation on the monitor?

​➽ On-Lap 1503H at the bar in Japan

Materials for modern art is ever-changing and diverse. Nowadays, Artists often present their ideas in the form of digital images/videos.

Integrated with On-Lap Monitor, the display wall in the art museum is more attractive and convey more information to visitors. 

Gechic 1503 Multi-Mount kit provides VESA 100 mount solution. Easily screw 1503 monitor to 1503 Multi-Mount Kit, and then set 1503 to a wall mount bracket.

  • On-Lap 1503I 15.6 Inch, IPS Portable Touchscreen Monitor  
  • Rear Dock

The Secret of the Perfect Trade Show Solution 

Business Solution

For wall mount & VESA monitor arm