Motorola Z3  

Type of Dongle


It may not be that often that you will need to cast or mirror your phone screen to the external monitor. However, in some situations that you may like to play Android games, watch football, basketball streams videos on a bigger screen.

​No matter what your reasons are, plug & play your phone screen on the external monitor is relatively easy. All of GeChic monitors support Standard HDML input, which means you can transmit Full HD 1080P signal from your smartphone without any compression. You don’t need to worry about any latency or lags while watching stream videos or play games on the monitor.

​​We have prepared two ways for you to cast your smartphone to the external monitor with the in-box USB & HDMI cables or using the wireless HDMI adapter to mirror your phone screen wirelessly. 

USB C to HDMI Adapter



2. Mirror Your Smartphone with Wireless HDMI Adapter

Step 2: Plug in the USB cable to the wireless HDMI adapter and power bank for power supply. 

2 Simple Ways to Mirror Your Smartphone to ANY

Apple iPhone

First you will need to prepare a power bank which supports to output the power at least 2A. If you think carrying an extra mobile battery is a little bit bothersome, then you can consider using our On-Lap 1102H which has built-in Li-Po battery. 

​You will also need to prepare an adapter for transmitting the HDMI signal from your smartphone. 

​​Here is the table for those best-selling mobile phones and their related HDML adapters. 

Sony Xperia Z5

Type of


USB Type-C 

Apple ® Lightning

Digital AV Adapter 

Step 3: Connect the in-box HDMI cable to the HDMI Female to HDMI Female Adapter; the other end to GeChic Monitor. Completed!

Samsung Note8

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Mobile Phone


Before we begin, please check whether your phone is HDMI compatible. If you are not sure whether your phone supports HDMI output or not, then check here or refer to your phone retailers.

How it Works:

GeChic Portable Monitor!


Step 3: Use the HDMI cable in the box to connect to the dongle and GeChic monitor.

​             Done with the mobile stream TV setup!

1. Mirror Your Smartphone with the In-Box USB & HDMI Cables

Micro-USB to

HDMI Adapter  

Huawei Mate 10

Step 1: Connect GeChic monitor to the power bank with the in-box USB cable.


Step 2: Connect the USB-C to HDMI adapter to your smartphone.

Step 1: Plug in the in-box USB cable to GeChic Monitor; the other end to the mobilebattery.


Here we use On-Lap 1305H to demonstrate: