Writing on 1102I

The Craft with Tenacity and Curve

There are positioning screw holes on the backside of the bracket. You can set up 4 viewing angles by screwing the bracing plate on.Even after you screw a Rear Dock or HDMI-A & USB-A to Dock Port Cable on On-Lap 1102 monitor, the steadiness of 1102 Multi Mount Kit fits up the monitor as a workstation!

Accessories / Multi-Mount Kit for 1102

The Casual Bearing

Multi-Mount Kit for 1102

Product name


The Design with Ingenuity


with a VESA Arm

4 Viewing Angles

Just hang a mini PC or NCU on the Multi-Mount Kit, you can turn the 1102I into an All in One PC!

The Multi Mount Kit equips 4 VESA 75 screw holes and allows you to secure the monitor on a VESA arm. You can solve the predicament of setting a monitor up at a small office, counter or factory. Find a space-saving way and adjust On-Lap 1102 at will!

Install 1102

USB-A to micro-USB Power & Touch Signal Cable (2.1m)  1pcs
HDMI-A to Micro-HDMI Video Cable(2.1m) 1pcs
Screw (Silver,M2 x 5mm)*4 pcs
Screw (Black,M4 x 5mm)*6 pcs

Touch Monitor

for mini PC


Suitable models    On-Lap 1102 series

Still sign on or fill up a paper form?Multi-Mount Kit provides the best handwriting angel-25 degree. Screw 1102I touch monitor on Multi Mount Kit and enjoy your sketch or digital documentation.



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With VESA 75 support, it is so easy to adopt the wall mount with On-Lap 1102 monitor and hide the cables connection. When you use On-Lap 1102H/I as a digital signage in a store or gallery, this monitor does blend in with your space perfectly!

Find a home


A Gorgeous Transfiguration

A Solid Stand with

Delicate Touch


The aluminum-made Multi-Mount Kit shows luxurious but mellow texture with silver grey color. By various permutations of the bracket and bracing plate, 1102 Multi Mount Kit supports you 5 kinds of  monitor applications!

Please keep it away from fire and heat.


A perfect meet


on a Wall Mount

Galaxy Silver

Skidproof Rubber Spacers


●Part Description


On Lap 1102 Proprietary kit includes 4 VESA75 screw holes. It can be applied to VESA75 arm or wall mount. While putting 1102 touch monitor down, it can be set as monitor stand to support 25°,42°,62°75°viewing angel and operation.


5 Creative Ways

of Space Art