Support VESA 100 Monitor Arm and

Wall Mount

The 1303 VESA Kit is equipped with a 1/4’’ screw hole at the bottom and can be installed on a camera tripod or cradle.
The On-Lap 1303 on the tripod becomes a helpful second display of the camera for photographers.







VESA 100x100 ( 4" x 4" )
1/4" tripod screw

Similar to mounting a TV, the On-Lap 1303 offers a VESA 100 mount that meets international standards. VESA 100 can allow the On-Lap 1303 to be installed on an arm or wall, offering flexibility for your space and monitor use.

Accessories / 1303 VESA100 KIT​

Micro-HDMI(Male) to mini HDMI(Male) Cable (2.1M)


*Suitable models are On-Lap 1303H/I/A

Standard Cables


Silver (Front) Golden(Back)


Micro-USB(Male) to USB(Male) Power Cable (2.1M)
Micro-HDMI(Male) to HDMI(Male) Cable (2.1M)

A 2.1 m USB cable and a 2.1 m HDMI cable are included in the VESA 100 kit package. With these longer cables, it is easier to connect the On-Lap 1303 on the wall mount or monitor arm to the computer under the desk.

354mm x 240mm x 20mm

Optional Cables

Screw Hole

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Suitable models:               On-Lap 1303H/I/A


2.1-Meter Cables for Longer Extension

Photographer's Convenient Equipment