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Low-Angle Stand

Versatile Multi-Mount Kit

The proprietary Multi-Mount Kit is designed for the On-Lap 1503 series to support the VESA100 industrial standard. It can not only be combined with a wall mount or monitor arm but also a camera tripod with a 1/4” screw hole. Furthermore, the Multi-Mount Kit enables three viewing angles via different screw hole positions for assembly.

Please keep it away from fire and heat.

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Suitable models    On-Lap 1503 series

The Multi Mount Kit for the 1503 is designed with 6 VESA 100 screw holes.

You can choose to screw higher or lower VESA 100 positions, or install an IntelⓇ  NUC with a low-position stand as well.

The 1503 Multi Mount Kits provides flexible and useful VESA and stand solutions for your space planning.



●Part Description


There are six screw holes on the Multi-Mount Kit that provide higher and lower VESA100 positions to mount the 1503 monitor on a wall mount or arm, which makes the layout adjustable and space-efficient.



The 1/4” screw hole on the bottom of Multi-Mount Kit allows photographers to install the 1503 monitor on a tripod by securing it to the camera cradle head.

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Mount on Tripod


Multi-Mount Kit for 1503

On-Lap 1503 Proprietary kit includes 4 VESA 100 screw holes and one 1/4" screw hole. It can be applied to a VESA 100 arm/mount or tripod. When using the 1503 touch monitor on a surface, it can be set as a monitor stand to support a 30°, 40°, or 75° viewing angle. 




Accessories / Multi-Mount Kit for 1503


Product name

A bracing plate inside the Multi Mount Kit can be screwed on for providing three viewing angles: 30°, 40°, and 75°. A lower angle will be perfect for touch and writing requirements.



USB-A to USB-C Power & Touch Signal Cable (2.1m)  1pcs
HDMI-A to Micro-HDMI Video Cable(2.1m) 1pcs
Screw (Silver,M2 x 7.5mm) *1pcs
Screw (Silver,M2 x 6mm)*4 pcs
Screw (Black,M4 x 6mm)*6 pcs

VESA 100 Wall Mount/ Arm


Bluish Grey