Extensive Expandability 

(Only for touch monitor)


Do I ever need to buy a Rear Dock?

4 resolutions of the applications let you know how you should use it.


DC Power Output ONLY

The following figure shows the signal output/input flow through Rear Dock. If the cords are not connected based on the direction, then the power, image or touch functionality may not work. 

On-Lap1503H/I/A, 1102H/I/E


Part Description

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(USB-C Power Input Model)

Rear Dock  Portable Application Collection

DC Power Input ONLY 


Rear Dock connector(male) x1



Compute Stick

USB-A to USB-C Power and Touch Signal Cable(2.1m)


HDMI-A x1(female)、USB-A x1(female)、USB-C x1(female)

Rear Dock is an innovative hub for installing at the back of On-Lap monitor to compile both power and video signals. Insert “Rear Dock” to the port at the back of the monitor and integrate Compute Stick, TV Stick, Wireless Display Adapter or other core devices with the monitor to build an All-in-One PC, Multimedia Equipment or System Integration total solution! With Rear Dock, you can create a neat and small application device.  

Suitable models

(No Touch Signal)



Touch Signal Output 

(Micro USB Power Input Model)

Compute Stick

Detail of Signal Flow

  • On-Lap Monitor

Rear Dock Proprietary USB cable for"Compute Stick/Micro-USB "(20cm)

91mm x 61mm x 18mm


Screw hole

HDMI Signal Input 

Slotted Screw-Sliver (M2x6mm)*4

Rear Dock

Advanced AiO Evolution 

Accessories / Rear Dock V2

DC IN Only



  • PC/Device

Rear Dock Proprietary USB cable for"Compute Stick/USB Type-C"(30cm)

Raspberry Pi


Wireless Display Adapter

(Please Select Type of Device)

1. The DC OUT& Touch Signal Output on Rear Dock can only output 5V-2A(Max.) current to compute stick.
2.The Intel® Compute Stick with Intel® M3™ processor requires 5V-2A power input.
3. The Intel® Compute Stick with Intel® M5™ processor requires 5V-4A power input.
4. The Intel® Compute Stick with Intel® Atom™ processor requires 5V-3A power input.
5. Please use intel’s charger to power the Intel® Compute Stick with Intel® M5™ and Atom™​

6.HDMI cable or computer stick device with a thickness greater than 5.3mm cannot be inserted into the Rear Dock. Please measure the dimension of your plug or device before using.