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Caution! Be sure to FOLLOW THE SEQUENCES

bellow when connecting

Accessories / USB Type-C Video and Independent Power Y-Cable(0.5m)


① Insert Black USB-C plug to the phone.

On-Lap 1306H

Plugs into:
Phone/ Device: Black USB-C(male) *1

On-Lap Monitor: Blue USB-C(male)*1 

Power Bank: Blue USB-A(male) *1

Length: 50cm 

Weight: 34g

 Insert Blue USB-A plug to power bank .

※ Incorrect connection sequence will result in images not to be transmitted to On-Lap Monitor.

② Insert Blue USB-C plug to On-Lap 1306H.

*We adopt high quality material for the cable. Use Gechic OEM cable for

On-Lap monitor to avoid any issue while transmission of the signal.