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Shall we check the inputted files again and again with applicant ? In fact, we can set the On-Lap monitor on the counter and make the populace to check the documents simultaneously. In this way let the government , bank to service people much more faster and easier. 

Showing the E-DM anytime , anywhere!

*Please check O.S. is Windows 7/8.1/10 and need to buy the VGA video cable (1.2m) or not


Do you also want to equip the portable monitor with POS machine in the retail store? Then do not hesitate to install the On-Lap monitor for extending the screen! With this device you can let the customer see the items and price clearly to avoid the controversy of accounting fault. Furthermore, through broadcasting the running promotion's DM can also increase the repo rate. Or via interactive menu to offer the satisfied survey and feedback from customer. All of above description provide the customer own much more pleasure. 

Printing is not the only way to confirm the documents on the counter.

​POS system as second monitor. Order and check without mistake!​







Being friendly to our tree and decrease the hard copy of DM ? Yes! On-Lap monitor will be the key part of the E-DM in your store. Just preparing the smartphone or PC including HDMI and playing it, each promotion or previewed campaign will be displayed.