Are you finding an extended monitor for MacBook? The slim size On-Lap 1303H and 1101P/H with the input mini-DisplayPort on the side port let you connect both devices without additional adapter!

*Apple MacBook /Mac/Mac mini O.S. do not support touch function. Thus,  when you connect it with 1303I, the touch function will not work correctly.

*mini- DisplayPort is optional accessory. 

All kinds of note APPs help us to record our business, schedule, idea and special moments in innovative way. If you like to draw down your idea, edit family life with photos, you may require a larger space to do so. Connect On- Lap touch monitor (1303I/1503I) and open APP of Windows version, then follow your inspiration and keep all the notes on your computer. The picture-type notes will generate you a new creative life.

Noting and addressing the files in the meeting busily; that's why you often miss the key point from Executive?


MacBook , Mac as second monitor?

Let mini -DP give you a favor!

*Please make sure your Tablet PC supports HDMI output and purchase the adapter   from the OEM. 

Microsoft Surface series are known for their ultralight design and the touch screen. You can take notes, draw...etc. at any time. You may need multiple windows for cross-checking. However, you may not have thought about using a lightweight external monitor for Surface Pro before!

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Two small screens are better than big screens. Upgrade to dual screens for your Surface Pro!

For the writers, dual monitor will be the best tool to increase the work efficiently. Spread all data you need on the windows. Put Word/Powerpoint on main screen and put Chrome/IE/ PDF/image on the 2nd monitor. Read and compare them at the same time for building your writing conception quickly. To quote some texts, just copy and paste them from the right hand to the left hand. Writing and editing at the same time to show you the prosperous benefits of multi-task environment.

Adobe Premiere is very convenient to edit the videos, but the menu and toolbar array together in one window is such crowded. By setting the On-Lap monitor and PC's screen in the same resolution, and move the timeline to the second screen. Using the dual monitor to move your design forward!


Touch Laptop with touch monitor.

Clean desk without mouse.

Video editing with much bigger screen!

Dual monitors in writing make the multi-task efficiently. 

You May Have Such Experiences: You write a paper or compile a report while cross-checking information on the Internet; You reply the message from friends while binge watching. As a result, it is impossible for you to watch a movie in full, and switching between windows do make you dizzy. Likewise, for software engineers, they may get woozy while coding and previewing the results repeatedly.

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Be More Productive! Cool Tips and Tricks for Dual Monitors 

Are you the one loving scrolling instead of clicking? When getting used to scroll / touch on smartphone, tablet PC, kiosk, we just can't help to love  touch monitor. It's so easy for everybody to be used to. 
Choose Surface Pro as you main working system, and combine it with On Lap touch monitor. Not only you can get double display space, but also enjoy the touch gestures of Windows 10 on these two touch screens. ​