Fresh cook & Easy recipe make the delicious food come true!

Whether you are the fresh cook at home or the apprentice in the kitchen, you can serve it easily! By connecting On-Lap monitor with smartphone, watching the cooking channel and doing it step by step; Full HD screen makes each preparation perfectly without mistake.

Using the smartphone to binge-watch? You deserved larger screen!

How to Mirror Phone Screen to Binge Watch TV Shows on a Portable Monitor Outdoors?

Love to watch TV series on smartphone?! On Lap mobile monitor helps you to enlarge the entertainment enjoyment. Simply use HDMI output adapter to connect smartphone & On Lap monitor. You can project the video out to 11.6 inch or 15.6" large. You can watch all the latest TV series, play game APP,  appreciate the photos on your smartphone without sacrificing your vision. Magnify the display and magnify the happiness.

*Please make sure your smartphone supports HDMI output and buy the    adapter from the OEM.

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Watching your favorite movies or episodes from your Android and iOS smartphone while lying on bed is a great enjoyment. Binge-watching videos from smartphone is quick to access if you’ve downloaded streaming apps. You will not need to spend extra time and energy to find sources. Quite convenient!

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