Except handheld mode, Nintendo Switch can be also played in TV mode on a larger external screen. Thanks to switch supports standard HDMI video and audio output. Connecting it to a larger and portable monitor is very convenient for playing two-player and multi-player games on the go! 

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Do you want to share the one computer with family for searching the information online, Binge - watching the drama, playing the online-game or doing the reports ? It can be possible via NUC or compute Stick connected with On-Lap HDMI interface.  Let Full HD 1080P monitor make your living room become the multi-entertainment center.

It's not a dream to bring the Game Console when traveling with family or friends. By On-Lap monitor with USB power cable and charger , you can even enjoy it whole night. Simply connect On-Lap monitor with smartphone to watch the movie or drama. Various Full HD monitors give you the amazing and unforgettable memory.  

HTPC Entertainment center -----MINI PC & On-Lap monitor 

Traveling with PS 4 & Xbox, how can i do it without TV?

Play Nintendo Switch in TV Mode, Portable Big Screen Switch with Built-in Battery Lasting up to 5 Hours 


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