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Play Nintendo Switch in TV Mode, Portable Big Screen Switch with Built-in Battery Lasting up to 5 Hours 


Traveling with PS 4 & Xbox, how can i do it without TV?

Except handheld mode, Nintendo Switch can be also played in TV mode on a larger external screen. Thanks to switch supports standard HDMI video and audio output. Connecting it to a larger and portable monitor is very convenient for playing two-player and multi-player games on the go! 

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It's not a dream to bring the Game Console when traveling with family or friends. By On-Lap monitor with USB power cable and charger , you can even enjoy it whole night. Simply connect On-Lap monitor with smartphone to watch the movie or drama. Various Full HD monitors give you the amazing and unforgettable memory.  


Do you want to share the one computer with family for searching the information online, Binge - watching the drama, playing the online-game or doing the reports ? It can be possible via NUC or compute Stick connected with On-Lap HDMI interface.  Let Full HD 1080P monitor make your living room become the multi-entertainment center.