Synchronizing the Focus

Power Saving with 2A Rating Current



Dual Monitor, My Mobile Workstation

Keep and Share Happy Moments


The 1101P publishes a new specification. It not only supports 50 Hz and 60 Hz video input from PCs but also 1080p (24Hz/ 25Hz/ 30Hz) from cameras. Focusing the camera lens on an object is much easier and clearer; even when filming while moving, catching people and distant views is effortless.
*The 1101P is equipped with a 0.6 m Mini HDMI-Micro HDMI video cable.

The IPS Panel Enlarges Your World

You own a wide-angle camera lens; however, are the pictures limited on the small screen? Adopting IPS technology, the 1101P features vertical and horizontal viewing angles of 178 degrees. Photographers can share their pictures and discuss each shot with models. Moreover, its treatment of anti-glare avoids vision glistening.

The 1101P adopts a 16.7M true color LCD panel. The built-in function for adjusting the color temperature and color effect help set a favorable mode for you. Use the camera's display to correct colors and make pictures true and original.

The On-Lap 1101P IPS Panel shows FDH Landscape with True Colors

Slim 11.6-inch Monitor on a Palm

The On-Lap 1101P's maximum power consumption is 5 V-2 A. Using a medium-sized power bank and shooting with the 1101P indoors or outdoors, you don't need to search for a socket or buy a specific battery. The 1101P makes you agile and unrestricted to move.

Color Setting

Enjoy Multimedia Entertainment Heartily

Portable Monitor / 1101P Monitor

*1/4" screw to hot shoes adapter is not included.

Tripod Mount Kit
The Secret of Standing in Tough

Wear headphone to

enjoy clear and

​comfortable music

Support HDMI video




The original design of the Tripod Mount Kit is suitable for the cradle head's 1/4" screw hole. Putting the 1101P into the Tripod Mount Kit can combine the monitor and tripod firmly. Using a 1/4" screw to hot shoes adapter, the 1101P can be installed onto the camera's hot shoes. Deftly bring the 1101P along with your camera.

Support mini DisplayPort for your Macbook or Surface Pro

Especially for Apple fans, the 1101P supports a DisplayPort signal input. Working with the 1101P and a MacBook or iMac, you can edit images and articles at the same time. As a traveler, writer or blogger, bring the 1101P and find an inspiring place to set up your workroom right now.
*On-Lap Proprietary mini-DisplayPort cable and DisplayPort cable are optional accessories.

A Right-Hand Gadget for Photographers

Handy design!

Power 1101P with a

USB port/ charger/ 

power bank easily!



Support VGA video


The 1101P weighs 480 g, lighter than a travel magazine. The 11.6-inch size and 11 mm depth allow it be placed into an A4 folder easily. The 1101P gives you wide viewing with a featherweight profile.

The On-Lap 1101P has a refined resolution of 1080x1920. This 11.6" IPS monitor displays 16.7M true color and makes images saturated without any distortion. Focusing your camera on the object accurately can only keep the perfect pieces; the 1101P is provided with a Tripod Mount Kit exclusively, which can be screwed onto a tripod or SLR camera to display your picture.

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As a professional photographer, in addition to keeping permanent memories for the bride and groom, it is also important to share touching moments with guests. By connecting the 1101P to a camera, you can display wonderful pictures at the entrance. When recording videos, you can focus freely and transmit true emotions to the audience.

*Please refer to the 1101P's specification to find the video display capabilities it supports, and check the specification of your video camera.