​​Only dual-core CPU is not enough. You need dual monitors to increase your efficiency. Work on a double size desk and synchronize your multi tasks.

*The use duration is tested based on brightness 70 & volume 50. The use duration varies with the monitor’s brightness and speaker’s volume.

Throw away your keyboard and mouse. GeChic Rear Dock consolidates HDMI signal & USB power to provides the most immediate solution of all -in-one PC. Insert your computer stick, Raspberry Pi on Rear Dock and take this special all-in-one to your makers party.


Rear connection 

Flip your Viewing in Seconds

Solution 1

Warning: The 1102H built-in battery only powers 1102 monitor. The battery can't power Rear Dock or other devices, such as Wireless Display Adapter.

1102H supports the leading HDMI technology to turn on or shut down your host system with HDMI CEC.

A Tripod Mount kit of 1102 is included in 1102H package. The iron plate with a 1/4" screw hole can be screwed up on 1102 and Tripod. 1102H, a camera monitor with battery for the photographers.

The light and slim 1102H is equipped with a 6900mah lithium polymer battery. Based on its low power requirement of 1.7A(max.), the battery can last the use up to 5 hours. While co-working with an mini-PC or Camera, there is no hassle to find the power solution and dismiss the burden of finding the power plug on the road.

​​Most of datasheets and finance reports are A4 vertical size. The brand -new 1102 Smart Cover allows you to set 1102H as vertical display. Just turn 1102H 90 degree right and flip your viewing in seconds.

Solution 2

Smart Cover Stand

Side connection

Horizontal Dual Monitors

Vertical Dual Monitors


The On-Lap 1102H uses the newest high-end FFS (Fringe-Field Switching) panel for wide viewing angles. The panel combines the advantages of FHD, 16.7M true color, high contrast ratio and fast response time. You can read webpages, view photos, watch videos with more crystal clear, sharper image quality on a more power-saving screen.

Gear up with a built-in battery, advanced FFS and Full HD panel, the 11.6-inch 1102H strongly elevates your portability. Without worry of the power on the road, you can enjoy the fine, wide viewing all the time.


1102H provides three connection methods to fit your application;

​Built-in Speaker​




Full HD


Free more space to create a cleaner desk and earn your efficiency. The rigid protective cover not only provides reliable protection but also sustains 1102H horizontally or vertically at various viewing angles. The way to unleash your flexibility.


​Three are micro-USB, HDMI, VGA input ports on the left side of 1102H. Just plug in the cables by instinct. This is the most convenient way to set up your dual-monitor environment.

Provides you the connectivity on the back side of monitor and keep your total solution simpler.

Battery Runtime

Portable Monitor / 1102H Monitor

VESA Mounting

You don’t need to find the power plug while taking 1102H out of office or on exhibition. As applying for factory console or engineering maintenance, the built-in battery of 1102H helps to solve the power limit in some strict environments. The great mobility makes 1102H a real MOBILE MONITOR.

A 30-pin specific rear port is designed on the rear of 1102H. With the On-Lap Proprietary HDMI-A & USB-A to dock port cable, you gain the simple & clear front display of your system.


A 6900mAh Lithium Polymer battery is built in 1102H. No need to worry about the power on trips anymore.

Astonishing Expansion

to hide your cables 

*Multi-mount kit for 1102 for VESA mounting, Rear Dock, are optional accessories.

OSD Color Settings

Multi-Mount Kit for VESA/Tripod Mount


Next-Gen Advanced FFS Technology

* On-Lap Proprietary HDMI-A and USB-A to dock port cable is an optional accessory. Visit Dock Port Cable to learn more.

​​​*Rear Dock is an optional accessory. Visit Rear Dock to learn more.

Better Mobility, Greater Potentiality

Flexible Connecting Solutions

Multi-Mount kit for 1102 supports VESA 75 interface. Install 1102H on monitor arm or wall mount allowing more space for either office environment or factory.

Built-in Battery


Equipped with two 1.0W
Speakers and earphonejack for audio output. 

Built-In Battery,  Lasting Mobility

FFS Wide viewing angle

Mount on Tripod

1102 Smart Cover has a new improvement including protection, horizontal and vertical stand functions.


with Rear Dock

Up to

Provides RGB colors adjustment, 4 color modes  and even Low Blue-light protection.

Smart Cover can be the strong armor by putting 1102 into the Smart Cover with panel side inwards. With the cover protection, take 1102 on your person wherever you go.

HDMI CEC Technology

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Solution 3


Rear Dock Port

Supports 178°/178° vertical and horizontal viewing angle for your best browsing.

Smart Stand gains more flexibility