Setup a Mobile Workstation with GeChic 1102H and Intel NUC

“1102H can be used immediately when connected with the HDMI cable. The panel is anti-glare, so your eyes will not get tired even if looking at the manuscript or the website for a long time.” 




Find a dual monitor for your Surface Pro 3? No worries! GeChic On-Lap 1102H has built-in battery that the users only need to connect to a single video cable to the external monitor. Now follow the simple steps to setup your mobile workstation!

Need to install the 1102H monitor on VESA arm or wall mount? GeChic Multi-Mount Kit for 1102 provides the most complete solution for you.


“Basically, this monitor is perfect. The quality is solid. And the monitor is light and thin as it should be.....”


If you are a frequent traveler, then you'll know how important the second monitor is for your laptop on the go.

Watch the video to check the ultimate portable solution for Nintendo Switch! We've used the 1102H/I in this demo video.

Value-Oriented External Monitor for DSRL - 1102H Field Monitor

Media Review

“Now there are lots of portable monitors out there, and most of time, they’re pretty decent. What makes this (1102H) a little  bit different is it has its own dedicated battery built in.”


Bringing a dual monitor with a Mac Pro on the go is now an easy task for frequent business travelers! Check out to know more.

GeChic 1102H - Setup a Second Monitor for Your Laptop

“If you need a portable monitor for anything, a laptop or a console or just so your kids have something to watch movies while you're doing something with the actual television in the room, this is a solid option.”

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Wanna find an external monitor in a lower price for your camera? A value-oriented field monitor 1102H is now here for photographers!

[Dual Monitor] Connect Your Surface Pro 3 to GeChic 1102H

Ultimate Nintendo Switch Portable Setup with GeChic 1102H/I!

Need a larger screen for your Iphone? GeChic 1102H is ready for you.

[All-in-One PC] Simply Add a Compute Stick on GeChic 1102H

Tips to make your Iphone screen larger with GeChic 1102H

How to change the 1102H from horizontal mode to vertical mode? Well..It's pretty easy!


Operating Learning

“The color reproduction is good, nice contrast and overall the image quality delivers did impress me for something portable.”


“I was impressed by the brightness as a result of that because when we tested the Asus ZenScreen a couple of months ago, which is  a USB-C powered device, it wasn’t all that bright. ......”

“If you are looking for a second or even third large monitor to be used as for a client/talent or even a director’s monitor at a pinch and can live with a few quirks, GeChic 1102 is a pretty attractive option.”

Setup a Vertical External Monitor for Your Laptop - GeChic 1102H

GeChic On-Lap 1102H - Your Mac Pro's Second Monitor



[VESA Mount] Introducing the Multi-Mount Kit for 1102

1102 H/I's cover stand supports both vertical and horizontal display. You can also adjust the viewing angles based on your preference!

Watch the video to check the ultimate portable solution for Nintendo Switch! We've used the 1102H/I in this demo video.


》Lawrence Mann


“I’m shooting videos for you guys and this monitor really helps me because I’m not looking at the tiny tiny tiny monitor on the back of the camera…” 

Portable Monitor / 1102H Monitor

Assemble Your 11.6" Advertising Monitor |GeChic 1102H/I Portable/Touch Monitor


“It’s the perfect second monitor to carry with you while you are on the go. And it has tons of ways to connect to many devices. So maybe you have a  PlayStation, maybe you have  a laptop, you have made this micro-HDMI and you have VGA!”
 “Overall, it comes with everything you need for a good portable monitor.”

Mirror Your Smartphone/Laptop Image to 1102H by Wireless HDMI Display Adapter

1102 H/I Adjustable Protective Cover Stand

》Matthew Moniz

》Austin Evans

Want an All-in-One PC with your Chromebox? Check out to build up a mobile workstation.


Need an space-saving advertising display for your retail shop? Using GeChic Rear Dock, Moulti-Mount Kit and HDMI-A&USB-A to dock port cable to build up an advertising display with GeChic 1102H/I monitor.

GeChic On-Lap 1102H - Using Chromebox with your 1102H

GeChic On-Lap 1102H, a 11.6" portable monitor with built-in battery , is suitable for those who want a simple, mobile all-in-one PC with their compute stick.

Using GeChic Multi-mount kit for 1102 to attach your Intel NUC® on portable monitor On-Lap 1102H to build up your own All-in-One PC!

Using Wireless HDMI Display Adapter to mirror your smartphone image to GeChic 1102H.