Resolution 1366x768
Fit for Word Processing

(The Power bank tested is Xiomi 3300 mAh; monitor is under original setting.  The result may differ from different power banks or 1303A’s brightness, and volume)

Economical & Light 1303A

Rudiment Monitor for Gamer



Recommendation from
Macbook & Surface Pro Lovers

On-Lap 1303A with nice standard LCD panel is equipped with color adjustment function on OSD interface. Xbox and PS4 players can set  their preference and take 1303A on a game trip.

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Smart Cover Stand Design

Portable Monitor / 1303A Monitor

13.3" The Best Size for

Portable Monitor



As is known, HD (1366X768) is still the most comfortable resolution for office documentations.  Don’t need to fight with the fine and tiny words on screen, On-Lap 1303A the 1366x 768 displays the most comfortable font size and layout.

On-Lap 1303A supports mini-Displayport and Display port video input. Don’t worry even the laptop is not equipped with HDMI port. Use 1303 proprietary cables to own dual monitor workstation for Macbook and Surface Pro users!

Low power consumption provides 1303A benefits for operation. You can power 1303A with computer’s USB port or using a small 3300mAh power bank to support1303A working for 4.5 hours. Bringing 1303A and going out on business can be easier.



Anti-Glare Panel
Travel Anywhere with it

Optional VESA 100 KIT matches with wall mount and VESA 100 arm. Even there is no more space on a desk, it’s still easy to have a smart project for nice viewing angle.

On-Lap 1303H offers an exclusive Cover Stand. The Cover Stand not only can protect the monitor from impact of external force during transport but also can become a stand on tabletop. Three display angles, 72° , 62° and 53° are available. Instantly use and so convenient.

Reduce light reflection is one of the features. Anti-glare screen performs clear image no matter where you are. Bring with On-Lap 1303A, outdoor party is done.

VESA100 KIT Flexible Space Layout


1.4/A USB Power Supply On the Go

(Notice:Please use Gechic proprietary mini-displayport or Displayport cabl. Others may not be compatible)



As a cost-saving version of 1303 series, On-Lap 1303A competes for the best buy choice of portable second monitor. It owns 1366x768 resolution, the most useful resolution for office works and supports multi kinds of signal inputs-HDMI, VGA and mini-Displayport, which means it can co-works with PC/Computer Stick/MAC/Surface Pro. The extremely low power consumption, 5V-1.4A, guarantees you to work in steady and long