See More than Ever  

Connection Hassle 


​Set up a dual monitor for your laptop without any driver installed and extend your work in horizontal mode. Expend your vision and multitask efficiency.

Unleash your Potentialities  


fully supports you to drag files in horizontal mode and read datasheets or e-books in vertical mode. Do what you want simultaneously, and know no bounds. 

Desktop PC

Precise Button Design

FHD 1080P





Feather Slim, as

Step-less Cover Stand —

Viewing is never a task. 

About 80% of the monitor using 7mm form factor, 20% using 9mm form factor.

Cover Stand 3.0 provides an effortless solution from protective cover to adjustable stand. Offering 40° to 80° viewing angle and utilizing rubber side to prevent from sliding out, the Cover Stand firmly assists you with the comfortable viewing.

Don’t bother about reading A4 size papers any more. 1305H/1305H-B portrait display gives your datasheets or financial statements a whole overview. Get the full picture of circuit plan, soft codes or accounting figures at a glance and accelerate your productivity.

1305H/1305H-B adopts TFT LCD panel with 1920x1080 resolutions and 16.7M colors to present true-to-life images and videos — everything in your eyes is even more vivid and incredibly beautiful. ​

More Decent & 

Providing Strong 

On-Lap1305H/1305H-Bcomes with a 13.3” FHD panel, ultra slim design, and — Smart Cover Stand 3.0. Just one quick switch, transfer your world from horizontal to vertical.

On-Lap 1305H/1305H-B

More than Clear 


Ultra Slim

*On-Lap 1305H/1305H-B doesn’t equipped with built-in speaker. Please connect your earphone/headphone to the 3.5 mm earphone jack for audio output.

Eliminate the 

High Quality, 

Two removable “Cover Locks” at the top of the protective cover stand are designed to provide you a safety insurance while traveling.


Portable as Ever 


1305H/1305H-B Proprietary Port

​​*Viewing angle in horizontal mode at 40° to 80°/ in vertical mode at 60° to 80°.

Portable Monitor / 1305H&1305H-B  Monitor

OSD Color Setting

1305H/1305H-B Fits

Your Way to Navigate

Portrait Mode, 

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Full HD resolutions

​Say goodbye to tangling. The specified 2 in 1 cable with HDMI & USB connectors is bundled in the package to simplify the connection. You can power the 1305H/1305H-B on and input HDMI video signal by one-socket connection with one cable only. Furthermore, 1305H/1305H-B equips dual input ports at side and bottom. Your viewing won’t be bothered by the cable no matter in vertical or horizontal mode.

Not only brightness, contrast sharpness, but also RGB can be adjusted separately. Or you may  select 4 kinds of default Color Effects.



Viewing angle

Throw away your projector and set up a small meeting room by mirroring your 1305H/1305H-B. You can enjoy your mobile office anywhere!


Narrow Bezel

The narrower stylish buttons are designed to fit the ultra slim 1305H/1305H-B. Smaller but keener buttons satisfies your every click.

Unique Cover Lock 

The ultra slim and lightweight design makes carrying 1305H/1305H-B on mobile an easy task. Work with 13.3” monitor. Start your journey

*Please select HDMI1 for horizontal mode / Select HDMI2 for vertical mode at OSD menu’s Input Source.


Landscape mode,