“It is well lit and bright enough for both indoors and outdoors."
“300 nits of brightness is essentially ideal for day-to-day use. The colors are sharp and distinct.”

Setup a dual monitor for your Surface Pro with the 1305H

Setup a second monitor for your Surface Pro. Learn how to do it by using the converter and power bank .

Mirror your smartphone image with On-Lap 1305H and Microsoft® Wireless Display Adapter. The 1305H is a 13.3", Full HD portable monitor with FFS technology.


Damir Franc

Setup a dual monitor for your Macbook with the 1305H

Not only just a headphone jack, but also supports optical or analog speaker output. Try out GeChic On-Lap 1305H's audio output!

“Lisa Gade reviews the extremely portable 13.3” GeChic 1305H mobile monitor. Their latest gen model sports a full HD 1920 x 1080 matte IPS display with higher brightness than the competition  and good color gamut.”

It's time to setup a second monitor for your macbook.  With FHD, FFS panel and manual color adjustment function, the high-quality display of 1305H will be the perfect match for your macbook.

“I also tried it that was actually very handy and this is the one case that I will definitely use it for if I record video in my office to do down there below with my cam. I don’t really see from that distance what I am doing on the screen. So I just plug this in with the adapter cable…I could just see myself in front of my fans quite clearly..”

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“…I can safely state that the GeChic 1305H is the best portable screen on the market. With great functionality, an attractive design, and excellent image quality, this screen not only matched my initial expectations, but exceeded it.” 


》Laptop Mag

““Use the On-Lap 1305H monitor in portrait mode just like you are reading a A4 vertical size document that helps you work more efficiently and pleasantly.”  

The 1305H 13.3" Full HD portable monitor supports real HDMI video signal input. Setup a second monitor for your laptop with simple connectivity.

“Some users install apps on their tablet for using it as an external display, but they may find it might not be very responsive and its speed might be far away from their laptops.”


Portable Monitor / 1305H&1305H-B  Monitor

The GeChic On-Lap 1305H is a portable display with a great picture that's hampered by its complicated mounting and proprietary connector.


Work the ChromeBox on the portable 1305H monitor



The 13.3-inch Full HD On-Lap 1305H comes with the Smart Cover Stand 3.0. The Cover Stand 3.0 provides an effortless solution from protective cover to adjustable stand. Offering 40° to 80° viewing angle and utilizing rubber side to prevent from sliding out, the Cover Stand firmly assists you with the comfortable viewing.


Mirror your iphone to our GeChic On-Lap 1305H with simple connections. The ultra slim and lightweight design makes carrying 1305H an easy task. Start your journey with GeChic On-Lap 1305H.

GeChic On-Lap 1305H supports vertical display. Don’t bother about reading A4 size papers any more. 1305H portrait display gives your datasheets or financial statements a whole overview. Get the full picture of circuit plan, soft codes or accounting figures at a glance and accelerate your productivity.

Setup a Dual Monitor with the 1305H

“Overall, I really like On-Lap 1305H and its primary function to deliver extra-wide screen space and it killed it.”

Mirror Smartphone image to On-Lap 1305H with Microsoft® Wireless Display Adapter

Ever think about building a mobile All-in-One PC? Bring along GeChic On-Lap 1305H, keyboard and Chrombox and set up your workstation wherever you like.


Setup 1305H in Portrait Mode

Connect 1305H to an Optical or Analog Output Speaker

“If I’d purchased this monitor with my own money I would have been more than happy with the build quality.” 

1305H Smart Cover Stand - Fits Your Way to Navigate

Operating Learning


Media Review




Mirror Iphone image to the On-Lap 1305H




“The On-Lap 1305H is well built, truly portable, and connects to anything. In terms of display quality and brightness, it’s the best on the market.”