Splendid Life Filled 

Only requires 1.6A,

extreme low power consumption,

from laptop’s USB port. Even away from home,

I am never worried about not having wall outlet outdoors.


Raspberry Pi

Eye Care

USB Type C,

Dual Display Interfaces

mini PC

Sneak Away 

Relax at work and embrace double viewing areas!
Switching between lots of Windows,

when working on a task.

I use the dual monitors to re-position the windows. Switch less & focus more.

Color Your Life.

7mm Fit to be Held. 

※Before connecting to the phone’s USB Type-C port, please confirm the phone supports USB Type C Alt DP Mode.

※For connecting to smartphone, please use USB Type-C Video and Independent power Y-Cable(Optional Accessory).

I like to enlarge my camera screen by connecting to 1306H, which makes photography more fun.



Extend Your Macbook. 

Under the window light in the café,

I open Sketch or illustrator on the laptop, and browse reference materials on the second monitor. It’s easy to get the rhythm of inspiration by dual monitors.

Edit films Like a Pro 


The step-less stand at the back of the protective cover offers 40 to 80 various degrees as you wish.

It turns into a -hard shield to protect the panel after

folding up the stand in a second!
1306H accompanies me along the trek up the mountain

to the sea while still as good as new.

170° Wide Viewing Angle

HDMI Laptop

Made More Efficient.

with Wonders


※Before connecting to the USB Type-C video cable, please confirm whether laptop’s or smartphone’s USB Type C port supports Alt DP Mode. 

Take On Lap 1306H with you when travelling.

Plug to a game console, put on a headphone,

hold a joystick and enjoy your “Me Time.”

No matter it is PS4, Xbox One, Switch or Family

Computer, just connect to 1306H’s HDMI interface,

and PLAY!


All of the meeting rooms are full!

When the customers make a temporary appointment, I duplicate my laptop screen to 1306H!

Easily start a face-to-face business talk, everywhere.  


Portable Monitor / 1306H Monitor

Enlarge Phone Screen.

A Coffee Table.


The 1306H is equipped with a USB Type C

(Alt DP Mode) input interface.
With USB Type-C DP 1.2 version, the laptop or mobile phone transmits audio and video signals faster and more stably to 1306H  by only one single cable.

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On the small desk of my comfort corner,

I fast tap Xcode and open localhost to check the result. Coding on dual monitors makes efficiency unimpeded.

Power Lasts All Afternoon.

Where do you want to work today? Anywhere!

​​from the Bustle.

A Small Meeting.

Take an Adventure 


Single USB Type-C Cable.  

Reach Unlimited Efficiency.  



Faster & Simpler. 

More Design Inspiration

Life should be Unhurried!

Share Together!

Coding at Ease Every Corner

Practice codes on Raspberry pi and discover the fun of creation!
All of the devices with HDMI output are 1306H’s matches!



Pick up the ultra-slim 1306H at random,

and put the laptop in my bag.
Take a confident step and walk at a brisk pace.

Get ready for today's challenges!



Extend Macbook with an external monitor

on the desk. Edit video in Final Cut Pro or Premiere, and watch full screen video preview on another screen. Check every detail in the video by dual monitor!

Share photos together! Not only a chatterbox that I opened, but those good old days.
Just use one single cable to connect 1306H and a USB Type-C smartphone.

I can share videos and pictures anytime and surf the Internet on a larger screen anywhere for the most comfortable viewing experience.