Ultimate MacBook 5 MONITORS ON-THE-GO SETUP with 1306H!!!!

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GeChic Portable Monitor Smart Cover Stand 2.0 Usage Guide

GeChic Portable Monitor Smart Cover Stand 2.0 Usage Guide

2.4 times larger then your iPhone! Watch Netflix or trade stock from your iPhone on the larger 1306H portable FHD monitor. Binge watching movies on Netflix anywhere with 1306H.

Play Nintendo Switch in TV Mode Outdoors with 1306H!




This is the REAL phone screen magnifier! Plug your Type-C smartphone to this FHD, 13.3 Inch portable display and enjoy movies & TV shows on a larger screen ANYWHERE.

You can have a smaller smartphone while having a big screen occasionally!

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Samrt Cover Stand 2.0 is included in 1102H/I, 1305H and 1306H portable monitors' packages. The cover stand can be used as a protective cover and a stand for multiple viewing angles.

Editing Videos on the Road! ULTIMATE iPad Pro Dual Screens Setup with 1306H

Who said only desktop can be connected with multiple monitors? This time, we use MacBook Pro to set up an ULTIMATE PORTABLE 5 MONITORS WORKSTATION! MacBook Pro has 4 Thunderbolt ports which support #VideoOutput! By using a single cable, you can extend MacBook to 1 – 5 displays. Check out the video!

On-Lap 1306H portable second monitor for laptop has USB Type-C and HDMI DUAL interfaces. 1306H is the perfect on-the-go external monitor not only for MacBook but also for HDMI laptops!

Add one with you when next time you bring your laptop on the road!

Only need to connect to one single USB-C cable, you can extend your iPad Pro to dual screens! Edit films in iMovie on iPad Pro, and preview the video on the larger second monitor. Bringing an iPad Pro and a portable monitor becomes a new option for you to edit films on the road!

Magnify Your Phone Screen & Watch Movies on 1306H Big Screen ANYWHERE!

“This is going to be great experience both for productivity or using it as a secondary monitor to display a second app as we multitask or work.”

Magnifier for iPhone! Watch Netflix from iPhone on the Larger 1306H



Portable Monitor / 1306H Monitor

On-Lap 1306H USB Type-C Portable Second Monitor is designed for MacBook Pro/Air. Users can use the second screen for their MacBook at a whole new level of convenience! Editing videos, photos on iMovie or Final Cut Pro, or coding, programming on Sublime Text on Mac can all be done easily and perfectly with 1306H, even not sitting in front of the dual-monitor desk setup. 

“If you are on the go, I do think it’s something you should seriously consider.”

Is it possible to work only with a browser? 🤔 Chromebook run Google's Chrome OS. By Login to google account, you can finish your works with cloud drive, google documents, spreadsheets, slides. Or you can even use apps. Works surely can be done with Chromebook, but the key is efficiency & productivity! 

Travel with 1306H Portable Second Monitor for HDMI Laptops!

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Gear Seekers

Dock Anywhere with 1306H Second Monitor for MacBook! 

On-Lap 1306H not only can be used as MacBook, HDMI laptop's second monitor, but also a portable gaming monitor for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox when you go outdoors!

Work with Surface Go? Try to Add GeChic 1306H Portable Second Monitor!

Use Surface Go for a face-to-face meeting? Add another portable display for your Surface Go to make meetings more efficient and effective.