Hi, this video shows you how to play PlayStation 4 or XBox on a mobile HDMI monitor. Want to bring your favorite PS4 & XBox and play console games on a trip? Check this video! (Ps. On-Lap 1503E can be powered by USB power bank with 2A (11000 mAh is better for providing power to the monitor at least 4 hours.)


How to Configure External Monitor in Portrait Mode- GeChic

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Hi, this video shows you how to enlarge your Samsung Note8 phone screen on GeChic 15.6 Inch 1503E portable HDMI monitor ! Want to watch the videos from your smartphone more comfortably? Then, don't miss out on this video!

Operating Learning


Hi, this video shows you how to use Chromebox with On-Lap 1503E portable monitor. Want to use the apps in your Chromebox even when outdoors? Then, take along with a portable HDMI monitor!

How to Build up Your Mobile Nintendo Game Console with 1503E Portable Monitor?

Make a portrait mode second display for your laptop or desktop PC is super easily! Use dual monitor with a flexible layout by connecting On-Lap 1503E 15.6-inch monitor!

How to Enlarge Your Samsung Note8 Screen to 1503E Portable Monitor?

How to Mirror iPhone to Portable Monitor -GeChic

“On-Lap 1503E’s image quality really surprises me. Because when we talk about portable monitor, the stereotype is its display images are rather in poor quality and lag.” 

Wanna watch videos on your smartphone on a BIGGER screen? Connect a portable monitor to the iPhone by Lightening Digital AV Adapter and you can surf, watch dramas on a larger FHD display!

How to Use 1503E as MacBook Pro's Second Monitor?


Mount 1503E 15.6-inch monitor to VESA Arm to build up an ergonomically correct workstation for you! You can easily change the external monitor between portrait mode and landscape mode! Follow us to maximize desk space and flexibility!

“On-Lap 1503E is a top device for users who don't want to miss a second monitor anywhere they go..” 

Hi, this video shows you how to play Ninteno Switch, Classic Mini Family Computer, Super Famicom on GeChic On-Lap 1503E mobile HDMI monitor.


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Need only 1 min to connect an external monitor for your laptop. It's not limited to the brand or OS of laptops! Follow us to get a FHD 1080P second monitor for you right away.

GeChic How to Set Up Dual Monitor for Laptop by On-Lap 1503E Portable Monitor

Hi, this video shows you how to use Intel NUC on GeChic On-Lap 1503E portable monitor. Want to set up a portable mini PC? Then check the video!

How to Build up a Portable PC with Intel NUC & 1503E Portable Monitor?

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How to Mount Portable Monitor onto VESA 100 Arm- GeChic

Portable Monitor / 1503E Monitor

How to Use Chromebox Outdoors with On-Lap 1503E Portable Monitor?

Hi, this video shows you how to use 1503E portable HDMI monitor as MacBook Pro's second monitor. Want to use dual monitor with your MacBook Pro while you are making videos, coding or reading spreadsheets? Check out the video!


How to Play PS4 & XBox Outdoors on 1503E Portable Console Gaming Monitor?