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1503 Multi-Mount Kit & Tripod Installation

The On-Lap1503H 15.6" IPS 1080p portable monitor is equipped with a detachable stand for two ways to display! When you work on a long form or document, this "portrait" mode is a great solution!

The 1503H doesn’t suffer input lag, either, which can be a problem with other cheaper USB-A-only monitors. At a stretch, you could use this monitor as a screen for playing console games in bed.

​•Verdict: A great-quality portable monitor.”

​•Score: ★★★★☆

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Install a Power Bank on the Rear Dock


An apple a day keeps the doctors away. How about two apples?! 
Now, by connecting your Macbook with the On-Lap 1503H, let your screen extend endlessly. The higher your efficiency, the better your life.

Hiding the cable behind the monitor allows you achieve a clean working desk.

Searching for a second monitor for your Surface Pro?
Connect the On-Lap 1503H monitor to achieve a larger view for your workstation!

If I was to tell you that today we were going to take a closer look at a 1080p monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate, and a response time of 12.5ms, you’d be pretty underwhelmed… right? However, if I was to tell you that with a screen size of 15.6”, this was a portable monitor, which promises a variety of uses, then maybe it just gets a little more interesting!

Set Up Triple Monitors with 1503H & MSI Laptop

The 1503H is embedded with six VESA screw holes to provide higher or lower positions. Turn freely to adjust the view.

Detachable Stand for Portrait Orientation

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Multi-Mount Kit Installation for Low Angle Stand

Multi-Mount Kit for 1503 & VESA ARM

HDMI-A & USB-A to Dock Port Cable

The gaming laptop with triple monitors shown at 2017 CES has been a heated topic. Drawing out two screens from the main screen of the laptop creates a super-wide view at once. The channel LinusTechTips on Youtube tried a triple-monitor DIY project.
Attach two On-Lap 1503H monitors to a gaming laptop……

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Although the resolution of your camera is Full HD, is the screen so tiny that you cannot see whether the photos were taken well?
Don't worry! By connecting the On-Lap 1503 with the Tripod mount kit for a camera, just take the pictures, and it can display them on the monitor simultaneously. How perfect! 

Rear Dock & Y Cable Installation

The best design for users to hide cables behind the monitor and let you have a clean workstation.

1503H Monitor & ASUS Chromebox


》On-Lap 1503H- DIY Razer Project Valerie


“I could just take out the monitor, go to bed and attach it to my laptop and continue working from there and still have that extra work-space of 1920×1080 pixels.” 

VESA100 offers advantages to both industrial clients and mobile users! Now, by attaching your mini PC to the On-Lap 1503, even in a small place, you can create an ideal display scheme with a mini PC.

For gamers, the wider the view, the better sense of immediacy you feel! We demonstrate a way to connect a triple monitor! As long as your laptop's graphics card can work with two other screens, it's pretty easy to play a game with a wide view!

A Multi-Mount Kit with multi-function design! It can not only be installed on a VESA arm and wall mount but also be used as stands with a low angle! 
You can adjust the viewing angle among 25°, 40°, and 75° to watch the 1503H comfortably.

Installing the mini PC (IntelⓇ NUC)

Set Up Dual Monitor with On-Lap 1503H

If your guys are looking for a portable monitor you can just take around anywhere on the go and that's pretty light then this is the perfect monitor for you ...

Set up Dual Monitor with a Macbook Pro


The brand-new design for the power supply shows a neat way to power the 1503H/I monitor. Just use a 5 V-2 A output power bank and stick it on the Rear Dock. It's a pretty nice solution to use a portable monitor without a long USB cable!

“One of the other things about this is that even the ZenScreen doesn’t do is this adjustable monitor mount which has three basic positions for you to choose…” 

Portable Monitor / 1503H Monitor

A Chromebox with a portable monitor lets you work with a charming partner.

Manifying iPhone6S to On-Lap 1503H

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With a 15.6" wide active area, the On-Lap 1503H provides a quality visual experience. The wonderful solution to save you from bulk affairs is a dual monitor setup. A 15.6" dual monitor setup brings you an effective and joyful life.15.6" wide active area─ On-Lap 1503H shows quality visual experience. The wonderful way to save you from bulk affairs is Dual monitor. 15.6" dual monitor set-up brings you an effective and joyful life.


1503H Portable Monitor & Surface Pro 3


1503H IPS Monitor Matches PS3

Designed for PS3 gamers, the better the display, the higher the chance to win! Take your gaming to paradise now.

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The ideal match to enlarge you iPhone or smartphone is to connect it to an external 1503H 15.6-inch monitor. This setup immerses you in a better perspective of dramas or movies.

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