Touch Monitor / 1002



Photographer’s Personal Equipment
Easily take control of the picture viewing and focus. 
Also, lets model take a look at their pose. Users can also view image on larger screen, let shooting moment become effective.
NOTICE : First make sure your digital camera supports HDMI output, and if need mini-HDMI adapter.


Aluminum Cover & Portable Stand
More Powerful Protection

On-Lap 1002 offers an exclusive aluminum cover. The cover not only can protect the monitor from impact of external force during transport, open the portable stand can become a stand on tabletop. Instantly be placed and no need for installation. Instantly use and so convenient.


Ultimate Lightness Maximum Flexibility
10”IPS Touch Monitor On-Lap 1002 Begin Your New Lifestyle of Touch!

On-Lap 1002 is the first 10 inch touch monitor on the market featuring IPS panel. Features include a light body with high image quality panel and multi-function aluminum VESA cover stand. No matter for work or entertainment, On-Lap 1002 is your new choice for creativity.

Game App,Bring It On

Windows Marketplace to download interesting game app, never refrained on smartphone's small screen.
All can be enjoyed on On-Lap 1002! For app that needs to be operated in a horizontal position, like hand drawing, chess, mahjong, or two player battle games, no problem.

Multi-Touch, Ten Fingers Together
On-Lap 1002 uses capacitive touch technology, supports ten finger multi-touch recognition. Suitable to use with Windows 8’s multitasking gestures. Select, expand, QuickScroll, handwriting, hand drawing can all be achieved! Besides being a main monitor with touch function, can also become a second external monitor. Dual monitor setup can now multi-task!

Light and Slim , Place Horizontally for Easy Writing
Different from the typical desktop touch monitor on the market, On-Lap 1002 is designed for portability. Weighing at 505g and featuring 1cm slim body, On-Lap 1002 not only is light it even meets flawless design requirements. No burden when holding it for a long period of time, instantly can change angle and position. Furthermore, On-Lap 1002 has a flat-back design, allowing to be placed horizontally on table. It is most ideal for heavy virtual keyboard use, with a stylus pen, becomes designer's favorite drawing board.


Mini PC or Digital Signage DIY So Easy

Mini-PCs have become PC enthusiast's favorite toy; like Raspberry Pi or Intel NUC. With On-Lap 1002 that supports touch and HDMI input, enthusiasts can create more ways for applications. Take Intel NUC for example, which supports VESA 100, can be placed on the back of On-Lap 1002 aluminum cover, saving space for a main computer and keyboard. It also can be used as digital signature for displaying product video or information.


Transform Your PC to Tablet
PC or laptop with Window 8, but don't have touch screen to fully use the touch features of Windows 8? Choose On-Lap 1002 as laptop's second monitor, you can easily have desktop computer plus tablet advantage. No matter scrolling Google Chrome or use Windows 8 Control Column on On-Lap 1002, you will experience more enjoyment of Windows 8.

All New Upgrade of Input Interface

Used to the touch input of smartphone and tablet, but laptop can only rely on keyboard? On-Lap 1002 can become the intuitive input interface of desktop PC and laptop. 
Take advantage of On-Lap 1002 touch screen to mark items or use stylus pen to sign documents. Easily have an e-paper environment, make file management quicker and more friendly.

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IPS Wide-viewing-angle Panel, Comfortable Viewing

On-Lap 1002 comes equipped with high quality IPS panel, providing 170 degrees horizontal and 170 degrees vertical wide viewing angle. No matter hold on hand or place flatly, can surf high quality image to one's heart's content. With 1280x800 resolution and 800:1 contrast, no matter the color display or level of detail, it leads among 10 inch screens.

VESA 100 Flexibility 100

On-Lap 1002 offers VESA 100 screw holes, can install to VESA 100 mount, and is the only 10 inch touch monitor that supports VESA. Don't want the external monitor to take up space on desk, all you have to do is have On-Lap 1002 aluminum cover install onto VESA 100 arm or mount wall, monitor and space can be used flexibly with 360 degrees.