Operating Learning

Set up a unique work station right now! 
The Chromebox is a box for website browsing and 
works with the cloud platform. It is easy to perform
simple tasks with it, and the On-Lap 1303I touch monitor brings you a novel experience!


Install the portable 13.3" touch monitor onto a VESA Arm within 1 minute.

The 1303I touchscreen function supports Windows 7/8.1/10. Plug and play a second monitor to increase you work efficiency.
Please note that the 1303I has no touch function while connected to a smartphone or Macbook.
*If the monitor's brightness and volume are higher, please plug in a second USB cable.



Compute Stick Mobile Workstation

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Set up A Dual Monitor with On-Lap 1303I

On-Lap 1303I Works with Surface Pro3 

The way to use the smart cover!
Three viewing angles for flexible adjustment.
When travelling with the 1303H monitor, this smart cover 
protects the monitor from damage.

Touch Monitor / 1303I Monitor




Media Review

Installing 1303 VESA100 MOUNT to a VESA ARM


Is there no good setup for your compute stick?
Now, connect the compute stick to the On-Lap 1303I monitor, and you can start a touch mobile workstation anywhere, anytime!

This video takes only 45 seconds to let you know how a smart VESA MOUNT be connected with a VESA ARM. Offer more space; save much time.

Operating Learning


Installs 1303 VESA 100 Mount Arm

The 1303I touch monitor is not limited to a supporting role for your laptop but also can be the secondary touch partner for your Surface Pro.
Follow us to start a touch life with the 1303I!You can double your efficiency.​

Do you still think your TV stick can only work on your BIG TV? Now, you can have one more choice: the 1303I monitor has an IPS 13.3" view. Plug in a TV stick like a Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick, and you can enjoy your entertainment life everywhere!

Chromebox is set up with On-Lap 1303I 

HDMI Wireless TV Stick Chromecast

How to use On Lap1303 Smart Cover