By adopting an advanced projective capacitive touch screen, the 1503I is born for accurate and prompt touch response. It supports ten-finger multi-touch and Windows 8.1/10 touch gestures. Whether tapping, dragging, flicking, or drawing, it’s easy to operate by intuition with fingers or a stylus.

The connector of 30 pins helps to hide the cables behind the monitor. Connecting HDMI-A & USB-A to dock port cable on the rear port of 1503I and your device gives you a succinct working desk.

Screen hardness≧7. Scratchproof and durable touch glass.

*Supports a passive stylus (diameter ≧ 8 mm is suggested)


On-Lap 1503I is outfitted with a proprietary protective cover. The upgraded thickness and hardness protect 1503I from external impact while put it in a baggage or trunk.

Exclusive All in One

USB Type C

15.6'' active area with chic size. Optimize your experience while using multiple screens.

Detachable Stand for Ergonomic Design


refined Resolution

Rigid Protective Cover

Only 12 mm thick for space savings and easy to carry in a bag.

Full HD IPS panel brings you vivid picture and refined color. The feeling while watching 170-dregree wide viewing angle monitor is only unrestricted.


Equipped with USB-C power cable reversible plug for 1503I

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Built-in Speakers

Provides comfortable brightness and vivid image.

Press OSD buttons to adjust 6 colors separately or select 5 color modes.

A Revolutionary Extension Dock on a Monitor

Rear Port─ HDMI&USB Shared Cable

As a veritable mobile monitor, the rear dock is designed with a magnetic component. You can stick a metal plaque on your 5V-2A output power bank and then attach the power bank to the rear dock to quickly start up the 1503I!

Rear Dock─ Innovative Connectivity

By connecting an Intel® Compute Stick to the rear dock of the On-Lap 1503I, you create a small AIO for carrying around, just like owning a 15” tablet PC.


Full HD

Raspberry Pi─Maker’s Generation

The On-Lap 1503I has a wide viewing angle but compact design with narrow side bezels. The ultralight 15.6” touch monitor, at only 12 mm thick and 1064 g, allows you to take it out without any burden!


Training platforms for engineers took root from the Raspberry Pi, which helps youngsters write programs and make robots. Now, you have a more convenient choice! Connect a Raspberry Pi to the On-Lap 1503I and use the touchscreen function after the maker enables "HID multi-touch panels" function.

170° Vertical and horizontal wide-viewing angle.


Unprecedented Concept for Touch Monitor

Side Port─Plug in Cables Easily

*Please check whether your device supports HDMI or VGA output. For supported resolutions, refer to the 1503I specification. 

Effortless Power Supply

High Hardness Touch Panel

The 1503I integrates the connectivity of USB-C power and an HDMI signal in one cable. The progressive rear-side connectivity encourages various mobile applications with a mini PC or compute stick.

The unique Rear Dock integrated power and signal transmission of 1503I. Plug the Rear Dock to the rear port and insert a compute stick, 1503I turns into a mini system in once. Likewise, inserting a HDMI wireless display adapter or TV stick creates a unique entertainment center!

Watch from a comfortable angle! The detachable stand provides three display angles─52°, 62°, and 72°─for adjusting the height. The inward magnetic slot fixes whatever angle you use, and the outside features a non-slip rubber design.

IPS Panel, the Ultimate View

Versatile Multi-Mount Kit

Rear Port─ Get All in One Easily!

*Net weight is 1064g (without Stand and Cover)

LED Backlight

VESA 100 Wall Mount/Arm
There are six screw holes on the Multi-Mount Kit that provide higher and lower VESA100 positions to mount the 1503I monitor on a wall mount or arm, which makes the layout adjustable and space-efficient.

Mount on Tripod
The 1/4” screw hole on the bottom of Multi-Mount Kit allows photographers to install the 1503I monitor on a tripod by securing it to the camera cradle head.
Stand with Low Viewing Angle

An included magnetic stand is suitable for different VESA positions─30°, 40°, and 75° viewing angles. It even satisfies lower angles for writing and drawing.
*The Multi-mount Kit is an optional accessory.

Energy conserving backlight panel provides high brightness.

Touch Monitor/ 1503I Monitor

In addition to side ports, we developed a rear dock port that integrates touch, power, and video signals on the rear of the 1503I monitor. Based on your needs, the On-Lap 1503I provides three ways to connect:

☑Laptop                         ☑Smartphone                      ☑mini PC
☑Desktop PC                 ☑Raspberry Pi                    ☑TV Stick
☑Game Console            ☑Compute Stick                  ☑TV box


Built-in stereo speakers on the top of the monitor and earphone jack for voice output.

The proprietary Multi-Mount Kit is designed for the On-Lap 1503 series to support the VESA100 industrial standard. It can not only be combined with a wall mount or monitor arm but also a camera tripod with a 1/4” screw hole. Furthermore, the Multi-Mount Kit enables three viewing angles via different screw hole positions for assembly.


700:1 Contrast

Sensitive Projective Capacitive Touch Screen

Adopts USB-C for reversible plugging. Supports the HDMI/VGA proprietary video cable.

On-Lap 1503I is applicable to…

*Notice: Some models of Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, including P3Q-00015 cannot be plugged into Rear Dock due to its width between HDMI-A(male) plug and the case itself is more than 3mm.

Color Setting

*Rear Dock is an optional accessory.

*We provide Linux/Android/Ubuntu/Windows XP drivers for the touch function; only program/software developers/engineers are able to edit them.

Narrow Bezel


*On-Lap Proprietary HDMI-A & USB-A to dock port cable (1.2m) is optional