Touch Monitor─Calibration for Windows 8

1503 Multi-Mount Kit & Tripod Installation

The 1503i is a 15.6-inch 1080p IPS panel display. It provides 10-point multitouch input – plug and play with a modern Windows system or the latest Raspbian Jessie with Pixel desktop. It should be able to run off the power from just a single USB port (though you can use two......)

The brand-new design for the power supply shows a neat way to power the 1503H/I monitor. Just use a 5 V-2 A output power bank and stick it on the Rear Dock. It's a pretty nice solution to use a portable monitor without a long USB cable!

Are you a piano guy? Do you wanna play the piano like a master?! Now use the 1503I touch monitor, including a capacitative touchscreen and 10-point multi-touch function. Let yourself be the best in the world. Bravo! 

*Notice: It needs sufficient power through a 5V-2A charger as well.


》Novaspirit Tech

HDMI Wireless Display Adapter(Sony M5)


Touch Monitor / 1503I Monitor

》On-Lap 1503I Touch Tips 2

Manifying iPhone6S on On-Lap 1503I

Our verdict of the GeChic On-Lap 1503i: If you want a good size touchscreen for your Windows machine or Raspberry Pi, the On-Lap 15-3i is fantastic solution that requires no setup and can be powered over just a single USB port.

​•Scores: 8/10


A Multi-Mount Kit with multi-function design! It can not only be installed on a VESA arm and wall mount but also be used as stands with a low angle! 
You can adjust the viewing angle among 25°, 40°, and 75° to watch the 1503H comfortably.

Connecting the On-Lap 1503I to your Macbook Pro for a second monitor is easy! You only need a mini-DisplayPort to HDMI-A adapter! (If there is no HDMI-A (female) port on this laptop.)
​*Notice: the 1503I has no touch function while connected to iOS/Apple OS

Come check out this sweet USB powered portable monitor by GeChic! I'm very impressed with this monitor and works surprisingly. Well it also includes touch screen on this model ...

This video is edited for the user as reference to calibrate the touch function of the monitor. If your OS is Windows 7/8.1 and the touch function does not work or the cursor responds incorrectly when connected to the touch function, you can watch this video to resolve the problem.

Multi-Mount Kit Installation for Low Angle Stand

“The 1503I is an excellent match with a compute stick. Especially, the monitor has touch functionality. So in the most cases,  I don’ t even need to connect to a keyboard or a mouse.” 

1503I Monitor & Compute Stick

​(USB-C power input)

VESA 100 offers advantages to both industrial clients and mobile users! Now, by attaching your mini PC to the On-Lap 1503, even in a small place, you can create an ideal display scheme with a mini PC.


It is embedded with six VESA screw holes to provide higher or lower positions. Turn the monitor freely to adjust its position.

1503I touch monitor & Surface Pro3

Insert the Rear Dock for the 1503H/I monitor to the rear dock port! Stick on a power bank to power the monitor! You can move the content of your smartphone to the BIGGER monitor! Show a video, picture, song or anything you want; it's not a dream to have a wireless entertainment center at home! 

Installing the mini PC (Intel Ⓡ NUC)

》On-Lap 1503I Touch Tips 1


Do you like to do it yourself? Wow! you can even assemble a simple all in one with touch monitor now! Gechic On-Lap 1503I 15.6 inch touch monitor is designed a 30 pin port on the back which can insert Rear Dock to adapt a HDMI gadget with it! Let's try to see how amazing of the touch AIO!


The ideal match to enlarge you iPhone or smartphone is to connect it to an external 1503I 15.6-inch monitor. This setup immerses you in a better perspective of dramas or movies.

【Assists you to solve the problem of the touchscreen! 】
This video is specifically edited to assist users whose 1503I monitor does not recognize the touch function or the cursor acts incorrectly

Media Review

》James Bruce

Although the resolution of your camera is Full HD, is the screen so tiny that you cannot make sure your photos are taken well?
Don't worry! By connecting the On-Lap 1503 with a Tripod mount kit to a camera, just take the pictures, and it can display them on the monitor simultaneously. How perfect! 


Touch monitor & MacBook Pro

1503I Monitor & Compute Stick

The demo of Window 10/8.1 touch gestures! Give us 57", and you can learn the basic operation of touch on Windows 10/8.1!
Expect touch application with the On-Lap touch monitor, and we'll show you more useful tips!

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Playing games with a touch monitor is so much fun!
We show smooth painting on Microsoft Paint and even 10-point multi-touch!
Expect to find more fun with you while touching on the On-Lap 1503I.

On-Lap 1503I Touch Screen Calibration



Install a Power Bank on the Rear Dock

Operating Learning

Do you like to do it yourself? Wow! You can even assemble a simple all-in-one with a touch monitor now! The Gechic On-Lap 1503I 15.6-inch touch monitor is designed with a 30-pin port on the back, which can supprt a Rear Dock to adapt an HDMI gadget with it! Let's see how amazing the touch AIO can be!

1503I Touch Monitor & Chromebox

Rear Dock & Y Cable Installation

15.6" wide active area─The On-Lap 1503I provides a quality visual experience. The best touch technology by a projected capacitive touc screen as well as 10-point multi-touch. Supports Windows 10/8.1/7.

Multi-Mount Kit for 1503 & VESA ARM

The best design for users to hide cables behind the monitor and let you have a clean workstation.