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●What kind of mobile battery can I use for On-lap?

●Can On-Lap be used as primary display?Can I use On-Lap to show the BIOS settings menu?

●How to build up the Android/Linux OS to support touch monitor?

●Does Chrome OS support touch monitor?

●Does my Android TV box / stick support touch monitor?

●How many touch monitors can I connect to my computer?

●Can I connect On-Lap touch monitor through USB hub?

●Can I use touch monitor together with my smart phones?

●Can I use touch monitor together with my cameras?

●While my camera using video shooting,there is no display on On-lap.Why?

●Can I display 4:3 picture on On-lap?Any distortion?

●Can On-Lap support video format(24/25/30Hz) ?

●What kind of stylus can I use with On-Lap 1502i,1303i and 1002?

●Can I adopt another speaker to On-lap?

●Can I swap power and video line anytime?

●Can I connect my smartphone to GeChic monitors?

●Which model of On Lap monitors supports MHL input?

●I watched your video that you use Microsoft Wireless HDMI adapter to mirror the phone screen on the monitor. Is that possible to use it with my iPhone 6?

●Can I manipulate my camera on On-Lap touch monitiors?

●How to connect my camera to you On-Lap monitor?

●Can I use On-Lap touchscreen monitor with Thin Client? Its operation system is Linux /Windows Embedded.

●Can I use USB-C to connect On-Lap 1503H and my USB-C PC (such as the latest MacBook Pro) ?

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