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●There is no image on my On-lap.It showed "No signal".Why?

●The power LED is not on. On-Lap had no display.

●There is no image on my On-lap.It showed "Out of range".Why?

●Why my On-Lap is flashing or re-boot?

●when pressing the capacitive buttons, there is no response. How should this be fixed??

●There is no ” Portrait” or ”Portrait (rotate)” options ?

●After connecting On Lap monitor to USB port of laptop, the Monitor can't be power on / shows the "low power" warning. How shall I do?

●The touch function of touch monitor doesn't work?

●Why there is no audio output from my On-Lap?

●I input the audio to On-lap but On-lap's speaker didn't work.

●I use my i-Phone to output video to On-lap. Why there is a black area around the video?

●There was no display on my On-Lap monitors when my PC is booting up(BIOS settings). After the PC finishes booting,the display is good.

●My On-Lap touch monitor responded at first but stopped responding later.Why?

●When touching the screen,the cursor responded on the wrong display

●I didn't touch the screen but the cursor moved by itself.Why?

●I used On-Lap touch screen with my Mac/MacBook. Why it response wrong?

●Why my 1305H/1102H/1102I does not display the live view image when connecting to camera?

●I used On-Lap touch screen with my Mac/MacBook. Why it responses wrong?

●How to configure a touch monitor on Linux/ Ubuntu/ Android OS?

●Why my On-Lap touch monitor does not respond?

●Can I connect the On-Lap touch monitor to the smartphone and use the touch functionality on the touch monitor to manipulate my smartphone?

●Why the power LED is not on and the On-Lap does not display?

●I want to charge the On-Lap with a power bank, is there any specification limits?

●Is it safe to extend the USB cable and the HDMI cable from the monitor?

●My Macbook uses USB-C port. What adapter that I need for connecting to On-Lap HDMI monitor?

●Why my MacBook didn’t recognize On-Lap 1305H after connecting with the “USB-C digital AV multiport adapter” and MacBook?

●When I connect smartphone to On-Lap monitor, the screen images do not display in its original size! How do Isolve this problem?

●There is no image on On-Lap monitor when connecting to Camera. How can I solve this problem?

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