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On-Lap 1102H How-to Video

GeChic Portable Monitor Smart Cover Use Guide

Samrt Cover Stand is included in 1102 series, 1305H and 1306H portable monitors' packages. The cover stand can be used as a protective cover and a stand for multiple viewing angles.

Assemble Your 11.6" Advertising Monitor

Need an space-saving advertising display for your retail shop? Using GeChic Rear Dock, Moulti-Mount Kit and HDMI-A&USB-A to dock port cable to build up an advertising display with GeChic 1102H/I monitor.

Introducing the Multi-Mount Kit for 1102H

Need to install the 1102H monitor on VESA arm or wall mount? GeChic Multi-Mount Kit for 1102H provides the most complete solution for you.

How to Mount an Camera Field Monitor on Tripod

Wanna find an external monitor in a lower price for your camera? A value-oriented field monitor 1102H is now here for photographers!

Your Mac Pro's Second Monitor

Bringing a dual monitor with a Mac Pro on the go is now an easy task for frequent business travelers! Check out to know more.

Setup a Second Monitor for Your Laptop

If you are a frequent traveler, then you'll know how important the second monitor is for your laptop on the go.

Connect Your Surface Pro 3 to 1102H

Find a dual monitor for your Surface Pro 3? No worries! GeChic On-Lap 1102H has built-in battery that the users only need to connect to a single video cable to the external monitor. Now follow the simple steps to setup your mobile workstation!

Tips to make your Iphone screen larger with 1102H

Need a larger screen for your Iphone? GeChic 1102H is ready for you.

Setup a Vertical External Monitor for Your Laptop

How to change the 1102H from horizontal mode to vertical mode? Well..It's pretty easy!

Setup a Mobile Workstation with 1102H and Intel NUC

Using GeChic Multi-mount kit for 1102 to attach your Intel NUC® on portable monitor On-Lap 1102H to build up your own All-in-One PC!

Using Chromebox with your 1102H

Want an All-in-One PC with your Chromebox? Check out to build up a mobile workstation.

Simply Add a Compute Stick on 1102H

GeChic On-Lap 1102H, a 11.6" portable monitor with built-in battery , is suitable for those who want a simple, mobile all-in-one PC with their compute stick.

Mirror Your Smartphone/Laptop Image to 1102H by Wireless HDMI Display Adapter

Using Wireless HDMI Display Adapter to mirror your smartphone image to GeChic 1102H.