1102I Touch Monitor -Video - Capacitive Touch Screen - Gechic

On-Lap 1102I How-to Video

Rear Dock V2 & Raspberry Pi

Add GeChic Rear Dock V2 & Raspberry Pi to your portable monitor/portable touchscreen monitor to build an ALL-IN-ONE mobile workstation!

GeChic Portable Monitor Smart Cover Use Guide

Samrt Cover Stand is included in 1102 series, 1305H and 1306H portable monitors' packages. The cover stand can be used as a protective cover and a stand for multiple viewing angles.

Set Up a Touchable Second Monitor for Your Laptop with GeChic 1102I

GeChic On-Lap 1102I is a FullHD 11.6" touch monitor which mainly design for laptop as the second monitor on the go.

1102I Touch Monitor & Compute Stick

Plug in your compute stick to the On-Lap 1102I 11.6" touch monitor, and you DON'T even need a wired or wireless keyboard and mouse on the go!

1102I Traveler's Second Monitor for Macbook Pro

Frequent travelers will understand how important a second monitor is for their laptop. 1102I 11.6" monitor is a slim, FullHD second display for your laptop on the go.

Connect IntelⓇ NUC to GeChic 1102I

Learn how to build up a workstation with GeChic 1102I touch monitor and Intel NUC.

1102 Multi-Mount Kit to Monitorarm

Need to install the 1102H monitor on VESA arm or wall mount? GeChic Multi-Mount Kit for 1102 provides the most complete solution for you.

1102H/I with Rear Dock or Dock port cable

Using GeChic Rear Dock, Moulti-Mount Kit and HDMI-A&USB-A to dock port cable to build up an advertising display with GeChic 1102H/I monitor.

1102I with Chromebox

Build up a mobile cloud PC to watch movies and display videos no matters where you are. Whether you are in a meeting or on a travel, you'll don't need to bring an extra keyboard and mouse with GeChic On-Lap 1102I touch monitor.

1102I touch monitor with Raspberry Pi 3

Build up your first Raspberry Pi Foundation with GeChic On-Lap 1102I 11.6" touch monitor.

1102I as External Touch Monitor for Surface Pro

1102I is a 11.6", FullHD touch monitor for your Surface Pro. Extend the touch functionality on your Surface Pro to the external 1102I monitor now.

Manipulate Asus Mobile Phone on GeChic 1102I Touch Monitor

Use Asus PC Link function to manipulate your Asus smartphone on a larger touch 1102I touch monitor.

1305H/ 1102 series OSD Hotkey Instruction

Hotkey Instruction for GeChic On-Lap 1305H, 1102I, 1102H, 1102E.

1102I with the 7mm Stylus

GeChic On-Lap 1102I is compatible with stylus!