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On-Lap 1503H Media Review

【Rasim Muratovic】

"If your guys are looking for a portable monitor you can just take around anywhere on the go and that's pretty light then this is the perfect monitor for you ..."

【Linus Tech Tips】DIY Razer Project Valerie

"The gaming laptop with triple monitors shown at 2017 CES has been a heated topic. Drawing out two screens from the main screen of the laptop creates a super-wide view at once. The channel LinusTechTips on Youtube tried a triple-monitor DIY project.Attach two On-Lap 1503H monitors to a gaming laptop…"

【Dragon Blogger】

"I could just take out the monitor, go to bed and attach it to my laptop and continue working from there and still have that extra work-space of 1920×1080 pixels.”


“One of the other things about this is that even the ZenScreen doesn’t do is this adjustable monitor mount which has three basic positions for you to choose…”


【play3r Reviews】

If I was to tell you that today we were going to take a closer look at a 1080p monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate, and a response time of 12.5ms, you’d be pretty underwhelmed… right? However, if I was to tell you that with a screen size of 15.6”, this was a portable monitor, which promises a variety of uses, then maybe it just gets a little more interesting!


【Trusted Reviews】

The 1503H doesn’t suffer input lag, either, which can be a problem with other cheaper USB-A-only monitors. At a stretch, you could use this monitor as a screen for playing console games in bed.
​•Verdict: A great-quality portable monitor.”
•Score: ★★★★☆