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On-Lap 1503H How-to Video

Install Rear Dock V2 & Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Cast your phone screen to a Big Screen via wireless anywhere without using a disturbing cable. Add Rear Dock V2 and Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter to your portable monitor & enjoy high-quality videos and photos!

Install 1503 with mini PC (Intel Ⓡ NUC)

Use 1503 Multi Mount Kit to install mini PC on 1503I as a self-made small PC.

Multi-Mount Kit Installation for Low Angle Stand

Screw the platter to different holes, you can adjust the viewing angle among 25°, 40°, and 75° to watch 1503 portable monitor comfortably.

1503 Multi-Mount Kit with Monitor ARM

Use Multi Mount Kit to install 1503 on a monitor arm. Save your table space and increase the working efficiency.

1503 Multi-Mount Kit & Tripod Installation

the 1/4" screw hole of 1503 Multi Mount Kit allows you to install 1503 on a camera tripod.

Set Up Dual Monitor with 1503H

15.6" wide active area─ On-Lap 1503H shows quality visual experience. The wonderful way to save you from bulk affairs is Dual monitor. 15.6" dual monitor set-up brings you an effective and joyful life.

Manifying iPhone6S to 1503H

The ideal match to enlarge you iPhone or smartphone is to connect it to an external 1503H 15.6-inch monitor. This setup immerses you in a better perspective of dramas or movies.

Set Up Triple Monitors with 1503H & MSI Laptop

For gamers, the wider the view, the better sense of immediacy you feel! We demonstrate a way to connect a triple monitor! As long as your laptop's graphics card can work with two other screens, it's pretty easy to play a game with a wide view!

1503H Portable Monitor & Surface Pro 3

Searching for a second monitor for your Surface Pro?
Connect the On-Lap 1503H monitor to achieve a larger view for your workstation!

HDMI-A & USB-A to Dock Port Cable

Hiding the cable behind the monitor allows you achieve a clean working desk.

1503H IPS Monitor Matches PS3

Designed for PS3 gamers, the better the display, the higher the chance to win! Take your gaming to paradise now.

Install a Power Bank on the Rear Dock

The brand-new design for the power supply shows a neat way to power the 1503H/I monitor. Just use a 5 V-2 A output power bank and stick it on the Rear Dock. It's a pretty nice solution to use a portable monitor without a long USB cable!

1503H Monitor & ASUS Chromebox

A Chromebox with a portable monitor lets you work with a charming partner.

Set up Dual Monitor with a Macbook Pro

An apple a day keeps the doctors away. How about two apples?!
Now, by connecting your Macbook with the On-Lap 1503H, let your screen extend endlessly. The higher your efficiency, the better your life.

Detachable Stand for Portrait Orientation

The On-Lap1503H 15.6" IPS 1080p portable monitor is equipped with a detachable stand for two ways to display! When you work on a long form or document, this "portrait" mode is a great solution!

1503 Rear Dock & Dock Cable Installation

1503 series are equipped with rear port to back side connection. Use the proprietary Dock Port Cable, and hide the cables perfectly.