On-Lap 2101H How-to Video

On-Lap 2101H 21.5-inch Portable Monitor Unboxing Guide

Let's see how to set up On-Lap 2101H monitor when you just get one for your own!

Switch between Dual Interface & Calibrate Color by 4 color effects for On-Lap 2101H

Customize your display and adjust its color to match your main monitor easily!
2101H is also provide low blue light mode to make reading or working long hours more comfortably!

Nintendo Switch! 21.5" Portable Monitor TV Mode(ft. Ring Fit Adventure & Mario Kart)

Play NS with bigger screen anywhere anytime!
You needs On-Lap 2101H 21.5-inch Portable Monitor and one USB Type-C video cable!
Without any adapter or converter, 2101H allows 45W power and DP video signal output so you can connect to TV mode for Switch directly and easily!

Upgrade Work Area for MacBook Pro/ Air! Set Up Dual Monitor by 2101H 21.5" Portable Monitor

21.5-inch Portable Monitor connects to MacBook Pro/ Air with it thunderbolt needs only one USB Type-C cable! Extend the Macbook's workspace with such a larger monitor isn't hard for us, in additional, its astonishing portability make mobile office come true!

How to Mirror iPhone 8 Plus and iPad Pro on 2101H Portable Monitor with Dual Interface

Synchronize the view of iPad Pro or iPhone on 21.5-inch 2101H monitor.
On-Lap 2101H portable monitor are equipped with 2 video input port including HDMI and USB Type-C so that you can connect it to two devices in the meantime and switch between them quickly!

Apple TV & 21.5-inch 2101H Portable Monitor Builds minimal Home Theater– My Time with Dramas

Own a small theater with a big 21.5-inch portable at any corner of your home!
Set up Apple TV with On-Lap 2101H monitor!

Magnify Android Smartphones Samsung Note8/9/10 by 21.5-inch Portable Monitor

Enlarge the phone screen with only one USB Type-C Cable
On-Lap 2101H portable monitor equipped with USB Type-C (alt DP) input port supports smartphone mirroring. ( Compatible with Samsung S8/9/10, Note 8/9/10, etc)
With HDMI and USB-C dual video interface, you can also switch between two devices on this 21.5-inch external monitor!

How to Connect 21.5-inch External Portable Monitor to a Laptop by HDMI Port

Laptop has a too small screen?
On-Lap 2101H Portable Monitor truns your laptop to a dual-monitor workstation! Between work from home and work at office, you can easily bring this 21.5-inch big screen to wherever you are!
Check detail images or videos for any design assignment isn't difficult at all!

How to Set Up PC Stick with On-Lap 2101H 21.5-inch Portable Monitor

Combine Intel Compute Stick monitor to a 21.5-inch portable monitor!
With the I/O base, you can plug the compute stick into monitor's HDMI port on the back. Hide the cable perfectly and create a neat all in one PC.
You can take it with you and go everywhere with them!

Build a Portable Game Station with Xbox One/PS4 and 21.5-inch 2101H Monitor

Level up the Xbox One as a powerful and portable game station! With the HDMI and USB Type-C video input ports, you can not only connect 2101H to a MacBook pro/ air but also turn it into a 21.5-inch BIG gaming monitor.
It is also ideal set to take it out with you while you're going to travel!

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Portable 21.5-inch Dual monitor by one USB Type-C Cable(Charge Tip!)

Surface Pro7 is only equipped with a small 11.5-inch display...
What about getting a BIG 21.5-inch monitor to connect to?!
Moreover, you can still set up them on the go!

Mirror Android smartphones to 21.5-inch big screen wirelessly!

On-Lap 2101H provides I/O base behind screen so that we can combine wireless adapter to monitor neatly!
Don't miss the tips about how to get a full screen view while mirroring smartphone to your monitor!

Go Travelling with Dual-Monitor MacBook/ Nintendo Switch, You need Only One Bag! 21.5" 2101H

Create a mobile office or mobile gaming station with the 21.5-inch monitor!
With its big screen size but portable design, we can easily to carry it when we're going to take a business trip or family trip!