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How to Choose the Right GeChic M1 Series Monitor

GeChic M1 series portable monitors, including three models M161H, M152H, and M141E. This article will explain the specifications, features and suitable groups for each M1 series monitor, for users to find the best matches to meet their demands. If you are considering purchasing an M1 series portable monitor but are confused about which model is more suitable for you, please be sure to refer to the following content.

Develop a Touchscreen GUI Easily with Raspberry Pi Node-RED

Using Raspberry Pi and free software Node-RED to design a touch graphical interface is simple and easy to learn. People can quickly develop a small touch HMI at home with Node-RED. Follow this detailed tutorial to develop your touchscreen GUI for GPIO devices!

How to Use Mouse and Touch Input Simultaneously on Dual Monitor Extended Desktop

Windows allows multiple USB input devices to be connected, but only one input source can be present at a time. If two input sources must be operated simultaneously on a dual monitor desktop, we recommended installing MouseMux, or alternatively using the display settings trick to fix the mouse pointer to one screen, or setting up custom hotkeyss to switch the cursor back to the main screen at any time.

How to Properly Disinfect Touchscreens during the Pandemic?

Fingers are the most convenient and most commonly used way to manipulate touchscreen monitors. Therefore, to protect the users from the risks of cross-infection, disinfecting the touchscreen monitors properly is a crucial task! Here we provide several practical tips to sanitize capacitive touchscreens safely.