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No full-screen display while Connecting iPhone 15 to a USB-C Monitor? Magnify and Charge iPhone 15 via USB-C

In the past, the iPhone required a Lightning digital AV adapter to convert to HDMI output to connect to a monitor or TV. One of the highlights of the iPhone 15 is the support for USB Type-C DisplayPort Alt mode. How to connect an iPhone 15 with USB-C to a monitor and what to pay attention to? Let's explore!

What is USB-PD? Fast Charge Your laptop/smartphone via USB-C on external monitor!

Today, we will discuss USB-PD (USB Power Delivery), a common fast charging technology for smartphones and laptops. According to its protocol, USB-PD can provide up to 100W power, more flexible transmission performance and charging speed. Not only the adapters, but also external monitors and docking stations can easily satisfy various charging requirements through the USB PD-compliant USB Type-C port.

The Completed Guide of Nintendo Switch External Monitor!

Besides using the original dock to connect to your TV, did you know that there is an easier way to connect to a regular computer monitor or portable monitor? Not only can you easily enjoy the larger screen, but you can build your gaming room anywhere! All the questions you may have and want to know are here, read on!

Your Top Phone Screen Magnifier is Here! Enlarge Your Phone Screen and Edit Photos with 5 Easy Snapseed Tips

Mobile apps on smartphones are so efficient in people’s lives. However, the phone’s small screen makes you use it for long hours a tough task. In this article, we will operate the popular photo editing Apps Snapseed on the M505I monitor, and share 5 photo editing tips, so that you can have professional photos with simply one click!

USB Type-C port on laptop suddenly fails to charge the battery or output video? Please reinstall UCM-UCSI ACPI device

More and more new laptops are equipped with USB Type-C ports, even replacing the traditional DC connecter as its power-in connecter. If a laptop suddenly fails to charge battery or transfer video signals externally via USB Type-C, it may be due to a driver error in managing the USB Type-C device, pleasereinstall the UCM-UCSI ACPI device.

What is USB Type-C? One Port for Quicker Charging, Data, Video and Audio Transmitting

USB is a connection interface between computer and peripherals or other devices. The Devices communicating via this interface can transmit power, data, touch signal and so forth. Here's a guide to everything USB Type-C can do, and which of its features you should look for when buying your next USB-C device.