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Display Setting

Windows 10-Extention Display Setting

In Windows10, press the windows Start logo at the left buttom–>choose”Setting”–>select” System”–>select” Display”. Then choose “Extend these displays” at Multiple displays.

Windows 8.1- Extention Display Setting

Swipe in from the right side of the Laptop’s monitor to initial the hotkey bar of Windows 8.1.

Select [Devices]–>Select [Project]–>Select [2nd Monitor]–>Select [Extend Mode]

Windows 7 – Extention Display Setting

Click the start icon of Windows–>click on “Control Panel”–>”Appearance and Personalization”. Normally it show 1 as laptop’s monitor 2 as external monitor. Select Monitor 2 for further setting. If you are not sure, click DETECT.
Select resolution based on the suggestion of On Lap menu–>Select”Extend these displays”for Multiple display.

Windows 10 – Vertical Display Setting

Click the right button of mouse on Windows10 desktop, then click【Display Settings】on the quick menu Select the external monitor (normally the monirotr 2) → Select【Portrait】on Display Orientation [Remark: Depends on your monitor vertical placement, you may need to turn the monitor 270 degrees. If so, please select 【Portrait (flipped)】.

How can I set up the multiple monitors?

Windows or Mac OS support multiple displays setup. On Windows 10/8.1/7, after you connected multiple monitors to your computer, you can set up the monitors in ” Control Panel ” seperately.

Note: How many external monitors can be connected to the computer, depending on the video output performance of the computer’s graphics card.

Can I display 4:3 picture on On-lap Monitor?

Yes.Please select 4:3 in the aspect ratio settings of OSD function.

Can my smartphone display whole image vertically on Gechic Monitor?

No, the image output of the mobile phone depends on the smartphone system. Currently, smartphones on the market do not support the setting of the output direction. Usually the smartphone outputs image to Gechic monitor based on the phone direction. The image would only be full screen when the phone is in horizontal.