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Q1. There is no image while connecting PC or smartphone by USB-C

📌:① The PC or smartphone must support USB Type-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode (USB Type-C DP Alt Mode). Please contact the manufacturer of the PC/smartphone to confrm whether USB-C DP alt mode is supported

② Many similar USB-C cables on the market don’tsupport video signal transmission. Please do use the USB Type-C Video Cable (1m) in this pack for connection.

③ Please connect USB Type-C cable to M505 USB-C port rather than the DC IN port.

Q2. The monitor connected to my smartphone by USB Type-C port flickers or restarts sometimes.

📌:Smartphone may not be able to output stable 5V 2A current to monitor. If it causes the monitor to flicker or fail to be turned on due to the insufcient current, please refer to Chapter 2> Section 2> Point 2.。

Q3. Connecting my smartphone to the monitor via USB-C, but the response time of mobile games and apps is getting slower?

📌:This is due to insufficient image processing performance or memory of your phone, please contact your phone manufacturer to ask about the possibility of adjusting the performance settings.

Q4. The Switch automatically turns on after finishing a game, causing the battery to run out of power.

📌:After ending up a game, the monitor turns off or sleeps, then it stops supplying power to the Switch. The Switch will automatically power up due to the interruption in power supply. Please change the settings of the Switch, Settings > Sleep > Unsleep when AC adapter is unplugged, and select ‘Off’ so that the Switch does not leave sleep mode due to a power interruption.

Q5. Settings of Extended displays on Window 11/10

📌:Right clip the mouse on the desktop of Windows 11/10. Then select “Display Settings” on the quick menu. Click System>>Display , and choose “Extend these displays” on “Multiple displays”. For extended displays, you can select the highest resolution for each monitor. (1920×1080 for M505E)

Q6. Settings of Extended displays on Mac (OS 13)

📌:Click the Apple mark → select “System Preferences”, then click “Displays”. When you connect a second monitor to your MacBook, the screen is set to extended display by default. Or you can select “Extended display on Use as menu for the monitor.