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Other Display Settings

Q1:Can I display 4:3 picture on Gechic Monitor?

📌A:Yes. Please select 4:3 in the aspect ratio settings of OSD function.
Press the Menu button on the monitor to open the OSD menu.➜ In the [Display Settings] page, move and enter [Aspect Ratio]➜select [4:3].

Q2:Can my smartphone display full screen vertically on Gechic Monitor?

📌A:No, the image output of the mobile phone depends on the smartphone system. Currently, smartphones on the market do not support the setting of the output direction. Usually the smartphone outputs image to Gechic monitor based on the phone direction. The display image would only be full screen when the phone is in horizontal mode.
For more details regading outputing video from a smartphone to an external monitor, please refer to this article:
No full-screen display while Connecting iPhone 15 to a USB-C Monitor? Magnify and Charge iPhone 15 via USB-C!

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