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USB-C Monitor can’t display after waking from sleep mode

The USB-C monitor does not display after the computer is waked up from sleep mode.

When the computer resumes from sleep mode to power-on mode, sometimes the the USB-C video output function was not resumed normally. Please try:

1.Set the computer into sleep mode again, and then wake up the computer in one minute.

2.Shut down and restart the Windows system. Usually the USB-C video output function can be restored normally.

3.When the Windows 11/10 PC enters Sleep mode, some computers will turn off the power of USB device automatically. If touch screen function is disabled or USB-C video input disappears after the PC wakes up from sleep mode, it is recommended to set the PC not to turn off the power of USB devices automatically.

a. Please open 「Control Panel」> 「Hardware and Sound」 >「Device Manager」

b. Unfold [Universal Serial Bus controllers] and double click [USB Root Hub] to open “Properties” windows:

c. Click “Power Management” and disable “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”, and then click “OK”.

If the touch screen didn’t response after you wake up the computer from sleep mode. Please refer to the following article for troubleshoot.

Touch screen doesn’t response after waking up PC from sleep mode?