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Windows 11 Display Settings

Windows 11 Settings of Extending Displays

① Right-click on the Windows desktop to open the Quick Menu
② Click [Display Settings] ➜Open Display settings page

③ When an external monitor is connected to the laptop and displays the same screen as the laptop, there is an icon of 1/2 moniotr on [System > Display] page.
Tap [Duplicate these displays] to open the menu ➜ Choose [Extend these displays] in the menu ➜ Click [Keep changes] ➜ The Extension display mode takes effect, and there are two monitor icons , 1 & 2, displayed in [System > Display] page.

④ In [System>Display], the arrangement of the two monitor icons determines the moving direction of the cursor. Please set it according to the actual configuration of the external monitor. Click the [Identify] button and “1” and “2” labels will appear respectively on the screens. Normally the Windows system recognizes the external screen as 2.

⑤ Drag the external monitor icon (usually “2”) to the desired position (right/left/top). If the resolutions of the two monitors are different, you can align the bottom edges to facilitate the movement of the cursor on the taskbar.

Windows 11 Settings of Vertical Display

To use the external monitor as a vertical display, follow the steps below to set it up:
① Right-click on the Windows desktop to open the Quick Menu ➜ click [Display Settings] ➜ open the display settings page

② Tap the monitor 2 icon and scroll down to [Scale and Layout] ➜Tap [Display Orientation] menu ➜Select [Portrait]

② Tap “Keep changes” ➜The orientation of the external monitor is changed to vertical display
Note: If the [Portrait] option causes the display upside down after setting, please select [Portrait (Flip)] instead.

Windows 11 Settings of Multipal Displays

Windows 11 supports multipal screens display. Depending on the video output performance of your computer/laptop, you can set up an extended multi-screen desktop or synchronised display of multiple monitors. After connecting multiple external monitors, please follow the steps below to set up:
① Right-click on the Windows 11 desktop to open the quick menu ➜Click “Display Settings” to open display settings page

② Some monitor icons are shown on [System > Display] page ➜Click [Identify] to identify the actual location of each monitor➜ The number labels appear on every screen

③ Drag and arrange the monitor icon to the actual installed position➜ Click[Apply]to save the settings.

Note: The number of monitors that be connected to a laptop at the same time depends on the video output performance of the computer’s graphics card.