On-Lap M505E How-to Video

M505E 15.6-inch Clamshell Design Portable Monitor! Slim and Foldable!

Equipped with HDMI IN and HDMI OUT connectors at the I/O base.
● Powerful application with game consoles bring you all new experiences for 2-player or multi-player games.
● Adopt M505E to conference project to build an ideal layout for the premium meeting space.

Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games! Duplicate Game Screen on M505E Dual Monitor

Play multiplayer games on dual monitor!Prepare one M505 monitor and any other your monitor equipped with HDMI input port, you can easily follow us to make a HDMI loop monitors for your Nintendo game party!
Sit face to face to own a more comfortable space!
Connect up to 14 units monitor is a piece of cake!

Windows 10 Portable Dual-Monitor Laptop Setup! On-Lap M505E 15.6 inch Monitor

Dual monitor can be so neat and elegant. On-Lap M505 monitor cover up cables at the back.Seamlessly line up the dual monitor of laptop, leaving only a clear visual appearance.Of course, you can carry the monitor by put it into the proprietary sleeve bag!

How To Connect Portable External Monitors to MacBook Air/ Pro M505E -5 monitors

Extend the desktop of you laptop and spread the crowded windows into two displays! Own a thin and lightweight dual monitor, you need to connect with only one "USB Type-C" cable to the thunderbolt port on the MacBook!

Set Up Surface Pro7/ Surface Laptop Dual Monitor by M505E Portable Monitor

Super slim and light dual monitor setup. Get a external monitor for surface pro7 or surface laptop?All you need is a monitor and one USB Type-C cable! Keep high work efficiency to deal with multitasks when you're on a business trip, as you're in the office!

Portable Gaming Monitor─ 15.6-inch M505 & Xbox One/ PS4

Freely to playing game consoles! You need a thin and lightweight On-Lap M505 monitor!Stand the M505 portable monitor on your desk, bed or the sofa at your corner of room. It is easily to set up and put away!

Portable Monitor Switches between iPhone & MacBook Air- On-Lap M505

HDMI/ USB Type-C Dual-Interface Portable Monitor supports HDMI input and USB Type-C DP Alt video & power input. Mirror a bigger screen for iphone and switch back to the second monitor of MacBook Air is a piece of cake!

How to Mirror Samsung Note 9 to M505E Portable Monitor

How to mirror Android phone to the M505 portable monitor. There're two way to connect screen mirroring. This video demonstrates power M505 monitor by the 5V 2A adapter. If you hope to power the monitor by your smartphone with only one USB-C cable, just enter OSD menu button to enter "Input Source" and select "Yes" for "Charge from NB/PC" so that the smartphone can power to the monitor through M505 USB-C port.

iPad Pro External Monitor! On-Lap M505E 15.6-inch Screen Mirroring

Not just for laptop or desktop PC!
Your iPad Pro can be dual monito as well!

Live Streaming minimal Setup with Dual Monitor and Video Capture

Can't bear the small window on your live platform? You can input the gaming screen or camera video to the monitor and then output the video to a video capture. Check the live screen is perfect, simply enlarge it!

Portable Apple TV Portable with Portable Monitor On-Lap M505E

Binge Watching on the go!
Set up Apple TV with On-Lap M505E monitor!

Portable Monitor Can Be Mounted onto VESA Arm?! M505 VESA Bracket Setup

Mount the M505 portable monitor on desk or wall mount. Incredible clamshell design turns monitor into a slim embedded and mountable display. Rotate the monitor to achieve various multiple monitor layout for your application!