Touch with High Precision
Not Only Portable, But Easy to Be Embedded

15.6" M505T Capacitive Multi-Points Touch Monitor

The brand-new functional USB touch monitor, with foldable design, supports monitor arm and VESA monitor wall mount bracket. Not only is it suitable for setting up dual monitors to amp up the productivity, but also easy to be installed, relocated or embedded, making it the top option for various equipment, industrial machine and commercial space.


True-Flat, High Hardness Glass - Stunning & Durable

True-flat touch screen glass and frameless design makes smooth surface, which leads smooth flows when dragging and handwriting. Covered by 7H touch screen glass, with high hardness, scratch proof and wear resistance, the monitor is suitable for using it as digital signature panel, factory machine and POS machine which meets the needs of long-term operation in commercial or industrial environment.




Responsive Touch


No Messy Wires, Cover up Cables at the Back

HDMI, USB Type-C and DC-IN ports are located on the I/O base, which can perfectly hide every wire in sight at the back of the display and leave the left and right sides of the monitor clear, keeping the desk tidy.


▲ Setup dual monitors seamlessly side by side. Cords never stuck between the monitor, instead, matching the cables easily at the back.


▲ When applied to industrial systems or embedded into machines, M505 can easily solve cabling or integrating needs.


▲ Equipped with industry-standard HDMI-A ports, M505T is compatible with all audio and video output devices. No need to use adapter, make installation simple and fast.


Powerful and Simple with Foldable Design

M505 series are foldable clamshell design that combines the screen and I/O docking base with hinges. It is easy to deploy M505 to stand firmly on the desk in one second. The hinges support from 40° to 85° stepless viewing angle adjustment, just as intuitive as operating a laptop.

Stepless Angles



Close the I/O base and insert the cable into the slot on the base along the back of the screen, so that the cable stays flat on the back of the screen without protruding from the base. The screen with cable connected is only 2cm thick, which simplifies the embedded solution.

Make it Touchable! Flexibly Embedded in Self-Built Machine

The monitor is still slim after folding the I/O base to the back of the monitor. Get rid of the thick screen and the M505 is just easier to be embedded into self-built machine or be mounted on the monitor arm. Also, the rear- I/O ports behind the monitor make cabling much easier.


FHD 1080P

Sharpers details make fine image quality.


Projected Capacitive Touch

Extraordinary sensitivity and unlimited clicks


10-Point Multi Touch

Support Windows 10 touch gestures


Support Stylus and Latex Gloves

In addition to use fingers, a variety of stylus pens, and even latex gloves are supported.


Wet Finger Operation

The touchscreen monitor can be operated with sweaty or wet fingers.


Custom Touch Sensitivity

Adjust the sensitivity with different touch media

Support VESA 100
Wall Mount & Monitor Arms

VESA 100 aluminum alloy bracket (optional ) for M505 series is a high-strength tray, made of aluminum alloy, which can be locked to VESA wall mounts, monitor arms/stand, and strengthen the monitor structure at the same time, using more safely while moving or turning. Provide flexible space configuration and angle adjustment functions.


USB Type-C DP Alt

One Cable for Audio and Video Signals

Equipped with a USB Type-C interface, the monitor can be easily connected to laptops, Intel® NCUs, Android smartphones, etc., and transmits power, video, audio, and touch signals through the USB-C port. Better interface, simpler wiring!

*Mac OS does not support external touch signals. When connected to Apple® MacBook series products, the M505T touch function cannot be used.
*Smartphone must support USB Type-C DP Alt mode when connected to M505T.
*Some smartphones/ laptops cannot output enough power to M505T. Please use 5V-2A power adapter for power supply.


Dual Monitor at the Counter to Sync. Info.

M505 series all support HDMI Loop Out function. Through the HDMI IN port to input the video and audio signal from desktop or laptop, then through the HDMI OUT port to duplicate the images to the second monitor. Just quick install the dual monitors at service counters such as ordering and banking. Staff can directly operate the monitor, and synchronize the screen with customers face to face comfortably viewing.

*The touch signal is transmitted through the USB interface. When multiple monitors are connected, only support to synchronize video and audio. The touch signals cannot be delivered through HDMI looping.

Digital Podium Makes a Simpler White Board

An embedded smart lectern can be done by connecting the laptop to the HDMI IN port on M505T touchscreen monitor, and the projector through the HDMI OUT port on the monitor. Use the touch monitor as an electronic whiteboard to write or mark the key points directly on the presentation slides while simultaneously projecting to the projector screen. The quality of teaching is then upgraded.

Foldable Protective Sleeve, Stable for Low Angle Touch

The optional foldable sleeve provides better protection when carrying the monitor. Also, folding the front cover to the other side can stably support the touch monitor at a low angle, which is suitable for touching while standing or placing on the counter for signature.


Protective Sleeve

Scratch protection


Touch Monitor Stand

Low angle is more stable


Laptop Riser

A little higher and cozier

Play Two Player Game Face-to-Face, Get More Comfortable Game Space

Often colliding with each other while sitting side by side to race with friends?
The HDMI IN and HDMI OUT ports on the monitor can connect two displays to one game console. Play games on dual monitors, and no more sitting side by side and enduring the constraint. Sitting face-to-face allows players to have more activity space!

*The game console does not support touch signals. When the game console is connected, the monitor cannot use the touch function.

T1S2 Desktop Stand

Solid & Multi-Angle

One-forming desktop stand is equipped with VESA hole patterns and a reliable, non-slip base. The stand solidly raises the monitor at the height of 15.9cm for viewing and tapping. The 360° hinge supports both landscape and portrait viewing angles, and offers wide range of tilting angles from 90° to 247°, which always makes you at the optimal view!

*M505 series monitors should be installed to M505 VESA 100 Aluminum Alloy Bracket firstly.













*90° to 247° tilt angles in landscape mode.
*115° to 247° tilt angles in portrait mode.