T111A How-to Video

T151A/T131A/T111A Touchscreen Monitor Unboxing & OSD Menu Instructions

Built for various project needs– T1 series touchscreen monitors are slim, compact and suitable to be embedded to industrial machine, automation equipment, commercial space, etc. T1 series capacitive touchscreen monitors provide excellent system compatibility, sensitive and intuitive operation. Bring you a high-standard touchscreen solution!

Connect Speakers/ Web Camera/ Microphone/ Flash Drive/ Thermal Printer to T1 Touch Monitor

T1 series touch monitor with an USB-A port. When you work this touch monitor with your PC or device, this USB-A can be use as a USB port of your PC. You'll never to encounter the difficulty to plug a gadget on your embedded PC. Just plugging an USB devices into the touch monitor nearby.

Mount T151A/ T131A Touch Monitor to the Wall & Set Up a Monitor Stand

T1S1 is a set for mounting the T1 series monitor to the wall or setting up a desktop monitor stand. You can simply assemble the wall mount bracket and metal plates by different ways to set up 3 display modes!

Touch Screen Troubleshooting- Windows 11/ 10 Calibrate and Driver Update

Touch screen is unresponsive or response incorrectly?
Plug-and-play T1 series(T151A/ T131A/ T111A) touch monitor can work with your Windows PC without any drivers. However, if the touch monitor can't work smoothly on Windows 11/10/7, please follow us to fix these touchscreen troubles on Windows 11/10.

T1 Series Touch Monitor- 7m Long-Distance Display Setup by Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

T151A/ T131A/ T111A touch monitor is suitable for long-distance installation! Using the wireless display adapter with USB extension cable, you can easily string out the PC/industrial computer and the touch screen by only extending the USB cable up to 7.5m!

Set Up Touch Monitor& T1S2 Desktop Stand– Horizontal& Vertical Display for T151A/T131A/T111A

Stable and solid T1S2 desktop stand with VESA 100 and VESA 75 holes supports wide tilt angles and 360 rotation. Screwing the T1 series touch monitor to T1S2 stand builds a stylish desktop monitor at the counter, production line, exhibition, etc.
You can rotate the touch display freely from horizontal to vertical to adapt the images it displays!

Rotatable Triple Touch-Monitor Laptop Connection & Setup by T1 Monitor ft. T1S2 Stand

A real useful multiple monitor! Set up triple touch monitor for your desktop. With T151A/ T131A/ T111A touch monitor, you can easily connect video and touch signals to 2 screens with your laptop by 2 USB Type-C cable!

T1 Touchscreen Stops Working After Waking Up From Sleep Mode/ Hibernate on Windows 10

The external monitor connected to your laptop can't display anything after the computer wakes up from sleep mode or hibernate? Or the touch monitor is unresponsive?
It may caused by your Windows default settings for the USB controllers!
Let's solve this annoying trouble by few simple setup steps.