About Us

Break through & Define New Vision with Mobility

In the regular life,
the so-called flawless perfection
represents the expectation of “It would be great if could…”
Give the accustomed technology more than one answer.
Creation, starting with imagination

Established in 2010, we are dedicated to the development of lightweight, power-saving and multitasking portable monitors. Based on persistence in quality, we integrate the concepts that make the application of the product more intuitive and user-friendly.

Application First

Founded on high applicability, in every detail of design, we maintain high expansion for various devices and develop various accessories, which intrigue more practical and innovative solutions between our design and use demands.

Made in Taiwan

Adhering to Taiwan production and global sale, GeChic's office headquarter and assembly plant are located in Taichung. Adopt massive key components of made-in-Taiwan and keep improving the manufacturing quality. We aim to make Taiwan brand stepping onto international stage.

Master the details

The birth of each product is the result of numerous challenges and refinements! From R&D design, trial production and QA test, each process is fully fulfilled by our team. Through many levels of calibration and adjustment, we integrate craftsmanship spirit to every detail of the product.

Display Freely, Seize Every Moment

GeChic's products make work and personal life more convenient and create excellent experiences and efficiency, along with consumer products such as PCs, game consoles, TV sticks, smartphones, and cameras. In commercial and industrial applications, the advantages of products are manifested, becoming an extraordinary force which links all communication endpoints.