Windows 11 Advanced Multi-Screen Display Settings Tips—Multi-screen Alignment and Barrier-Free Cursor Movement

More and more people choose to set up their own personal multi-screen office environments, eg. large+small or landscape+ portrait screens. Use these Windows 11 advanced multi-screen display settings tips to fine-tune your display settings for smooth multi-screen operation. Or use the freeware LittleBigMouse to achieve precise alignment and barrier-free cursor movement.

快拆 垂直堆疊 雙螢幕 クイックリリース スタンド 縦型デュアルモニター quick release monitor stand stacked dual monitor

Extend the Laptop Screen Upwards without Dual Monitor Mounts!Save Spaces with Quick-Released, Vertical Stacked Dual Monitors

If you want to improve your work efficiency while taking into account your health, you must not miss the ergonomic “vertical stacked dual monitors” setting up to extend the viewing range vertically, optimize desktop space for maximum utilization, and set up an exclusive multi-monitor layout.

Upgrade iPhone 15 with Ease! Play Mobile Games and Edit Videos on iMovie Easier on a Large USB-C Screen

iPhone 15 finally comprehensively adopts the USB-C interface, enabling direct connection to a USB-C monitor to enlarge iPhone 15 phone screen for viewing! Just connect iPhone15 to a USB-C monitor and Bluetooth controller to build up a 15.6-inch mobile game console, for enlarging and playing mobile games anytime and anywhere.

How to Choose the Right GeChic M1 Series Monitor

GeChic M1 series portable monitors, including three models M161H, M152H, and M141E. This article will explain the specifications, features and suitable groups for each M1 series monitor, for users to find the best matches to meet their demands. If you are considering purchasing an M1 series portable monitor but are confused about which model is more suitable for you, please be sure to refer to the following content.

No full-screen display while Connecting iPhone 15 to a USB-C Monitor? Magnify and Charge iPhone 15 via USB-C

In the past, the iPhone required a Lightning digital AV adapter to convert to HDMI output to connect to a monitor or TV. One of the highlights of the iPhone 15 is the support for USB Type-C DisplayPort Alt mode. How to connect an iPhone 15 with USB-C to a monitor and what to pay attention to? Let’s explore!

Ubuntu Multi-head Touchscreen Settings

Ubuntu users with dual- or multi-screens will notice that while the screens display normally, the external touchscreen can’t response correctly. This happens because the touch signal from the USB port is not properly mapped to the external monitor. please follow the steps below to manually set up the mapping of the external touch monitor. Please follow the steps in this article to manually set up the mapping of the external touch monitor.

How to Set Different Desktop Background on Dual Monitors in Windows11 & macOS, 10 Great Free Wallpaper Sites to Share

Is your desktop background always the same? By default, your Windows or macOS will display the same image across all of your screens, but changing this can be done in a few simple steps. We’ll also compile a list of 10 selected free wallpaper websites that will make your background image look even better.

Enhance Your Dual-Monitor Editing Skills: Windows 11 Snipping Tool is Perfectly Integrated with Clipchamp, Making Video Creation Easy and Simple!

Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 Moment 2 system update includes the ability to seamlessly integrate video materials captured with the Snipping Tool into Clipchamp, the free video editing software built into Windows 11. What new features and improvements does this update bring? Let’s take a look!

Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts for Dual Monitor

With Windows keyboard shortcuts, we can operate multiple Windows programs more quickly and smoothly. Here we have compiled Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts related to dual monitor work. As a dual-monitor enthusiast, don’t miss them!

Not Only PD Charging! Samsung Screen Mirroring by USB Type-C Port to Portable Monitor

The USB Type-C(DisplayPort Alt) is adopted commonly. Samsung screen mirroring by connecting one USB-C cable to an external monitor for a bigger screen.

What is USB-PD? Fast Charge Your laptop/smartphone via USB-C on external monitor!

Today, we will discuss USB-PD (USB Power Delivery), a common fast charging technology for smartphones and laptops. According to its protocol, USB-PD can provide up to 100W power, more flexible transmission performance and charging speed. Not only the adapters, but also external monitors and docking stations can easily satisfy various charging requirements through the USB PD-compliant USB Type-C port.

A Complete Guide to Setting up Dual Gaming Monitors! Pro Gamers’ Tips to Quick Switch Dual Windows

If you think dual monitors are only helpful for work, then quite frankly you are behind the times! Dual monitors, in addition to be helpful for work, are an incredible mate to accompany you to go through all stages of games, which greatly enhance your gaming experience!

The Completed Guide of Nintendo Switch External Monitor!

Besides using the original dock to connect to your TV, did you know that there is an easier way to connect to a regular computer monitor or portable monitor? Not only can you easily enjoy the larger screen, but you can build your gaming room anywhere! All the questions you may have and want to know are here, read on!

Tutorial of Intel Screen Rotation Hotkeys—Use Intel hotkeys to rotate the external Monitor

When coding or reading specifications, financial statements, changing the display to portrait orientation does make the viewing more comfortable and boost the efficiency. To help the super users who switch the screen orientation frequently, this article describes how to set up and troubleshoot Intel screen rotation hotkeys. You can use Intel hotkeys to rotate the external monitor quickly and intuitively.

Develop a Touchscreen GUI Easily with Raspberry Pi Node-RED

Using Raspberry Pi and free software Node-RED to design a touch graphical interface is simple and easy to learn. People can quickly develop a small touch HMI at home with Node-RED. Follow this detailed tutorial to develop your touchscreen GUI for GPIO devices!

Connect Speakers to a Monitor & Set Up Audio Output

Many monitors on the market are not equipped with speakers, and most portable monitors are not equipped with speakers due to their body size and place of use. If users need to play back sound, they can connect external speakers to the portable monitor in addition to play audio directly from the laptop.

How to Choose an External Monitor for MacBook |MacOS Dual Monitor Setup Tutorial

This article outlines five tips of how to choose an external MacBook monitor, MacBook with portable monitor connection method, and dual monitor set up.

Be More Productive! 7 Tips of Dual Monitor for Office Paperwork!

Learn how dual monitors improve your productivity. Steps of dual monitor set up in Windows 10 or Mac OS. 7 must-learn skills, so that you can quickly get started with the dual-monitor, and work on documents and editing more conveniently and efficiently!