M505 VESA 100 Aluminum Alloy Bracket

● Suitable for On-Lap M505 Series
● High-Strength aluminum alloy
● Comply with VESA 100 standard spec
● VESA 100 Wall Mount/ Arm
● Production line&Commercial space Flexible application

*Monitor arm is not included in the package.

Attached on Monitor Arm/Wall Mount Piece of Cake!

Designed for the light & slim M505 Series Monitors proprietary, with this M505 VESA100 Aluminum Alloy Bracket you may lock M505 monitor easily onto a variety of VESA100 arm/wall mount for individual offices, commercial spaces, factory production applications.

High-Strength Material, lightweight and solid

Made of aluminum alloy and weighs only 270g, the bracket can be quickly assembled, unloaded and strength the monitor structure at the same time. When locking the monitor on a VESA arm and holding the monitor to adjust the viewing angle, M505 VESA 100 Aluminum Alloy Bracket protects the screen from damage of torsion.

M505 Bracket icon1

270g Light

Easy Setup without Effort

M505 Bracket icon2

Clips Upgrade the safety

Tightly fix the monitor on the bracket from right & left sides

M505 Bracket icon3

100 X 100mm Pattern

Comply with VESA 100 standard spec

Support VESA 100 Standard

100% compatible

M505 Bracket 3-1

Gas Spring Arm

M505 Bracket 3-2

VESA Desk Stand

M505 Bracket 3-3

Wall Mount Bracket

M505 Bracket 3-4

VESA Mount for Rack

Production line & Commercial space Flexible application

The master of space allocation
makes a bigger desktop

The small desktop is no longer messy. The M505 monitor can be locked onto a monitor arm, raised and rotated as desired. Suitable for laboratories, office desks, machine rooms, production lines, etc. with limited space.


Tidy Up! Cable Management

The protruding height of the screw hole allows the wires to pass through the gap between the fixing plate of the wall mount and the M505 aluminum alloy bracket. The cables are neater with preventing them from falling off due to pulling.


The Right Viewing Angle to Get Rid of Back Pain

In order to fit the sitting posture at work, the monitor shall be raised up instead of placed on the desktop, and the laptop was set for dual or multi-screen use.
Find the best configuration method according to personal habits.