M505T/I Folding Sleeve (15A3)

● Suitable for M505 Series Monitors
● Multi-Function:Monitor Sleeve/ Monitor Stand/ Laptop Stand
● thickened front cover, upgraded protection
● soft and wear-resistant inner material
● stable support for touch operation
● Fit in 15-inch back backpack/notebook bag

Scratch protection
Ready to Go

When carrying the M505T touch monitor out, remember to cover the foldable sleeve on the monitor. It protects the screen from scratches before putting it in your laptop bag or hold it in hand. Carrying the screen at ease whether you are traveling or commuting to work.

M505 Sleeve_Step1


M505 Sleeve_Step2


M505 Sleeve_Step3

3.Pick up

*When holding the monitor, face the bottom of the foldable sleeve downward to prevent the monitor from falling.

Touch Monitor Stand Low angle is more stable

Fold the sleeve into a triangular stand to support the touch monitor for use at a low angle of 25 degrees. With the plate support of the sleeve’s front cover, it will never shake when tapping or writing on the M505T touch monitor.

Laptop Stand
A little higher and cozier

Place the laptop's foot rest against the apex of the folded triangle and the sleeve can be used as the laptop elevated Stand. Raise the laptop only 20 degrees up to improve the viewing angle, release the pressure of the cervical spine caused by long-term head down, and make typing more comfortable.

Thick, Solid Material.

M505 Sleeve4-1

The thickness of the front cover of the folding sleeve is 1cm, which not only improves the durability, but also strengthens the protection.

M505 Sleeve4-2

The foldable back cover contains magnets, which prevent slipping off or collapsing when folded.

M505 Sleeve4-3b

Black leather classic & stylish