M152H How-to Video

How to Connect M152H Monitor to MacBook/ Smartphone by USB-C

M152H is not only an external portable monitor but also a CHARGING station for your USB Type-C devices!
You can own a dual-display MB pro work station simply with a USB Type-C cable or connect your phone(DP alt mode) to this bigger 15.6-inch screen to enjoy your binge-watching me-time.

How to Connect M152H Monitor to the laptop by HDMI

Except the USB-C interface, M152H also has an HDMI input port for general HDMI laptops or single-board computer. M152H perfectly includes the two major video & audio interfaces, which allows you easily connect various laptops or other electronics.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to M152H Portable Monitor- CHARGE your Switch Console as well

Your Game Pal! Larger Screen & Uninterrupted Power Supply!Play Nintendo Switch in TV mode without the dock by simply connecting with one cable! Play the games on the big screen while charging with the USB-C cable, keeping your Switch charged fully at any time. Just play it at any corner you like!

How to Set Up M1S4 Lift Stand with 15.6" M152H Portable Monitor- Quick Release Design

Mount M1 series monitor on M1S4 stand to raise the eyesight and sit upright naturally, which relieves shoulder and neck pain caused by improper posture. Allow the screen to match your sitting or standing habits, making it easy and stress-free even when you work long hours.