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Work & Play Seamlessly

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Marathon of Focus

An incredible work and play station for Switch enthusiasts and mobile workers! M152H portable monitor is with HDMI /USB Type-C dual interfaces, and supports PD fast charging to your MacBook, Nintendo Switch console and USB-C laptops! The bright Full HD wide viewing-angle panel, and the 2W massive-sound speakers bring vivid colors and rich, detailed sound while work and play. Its Quick-release stand offers flexible stepless angle adjustment, and with M1S4 lift stand you can set up stacked dual monitors, which allows you freely switch between horizontal and vertical dual monitors!

M152H 15.6" Portable Monitor

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Extend MacBook & Switch with a Single Cable!

The M152H supports USB Type-C input from MacBook and Switch, so you can work on the go with just one cable and relax with a Switch game in your spare time without using the dock. The USB-C port on the monitor supports high-definition audio and video input and PD fast charging. Either play or work, you can zoom in Macbook/Switch in seconds and enjoy infinite field of view on M152H!

*The USB Type-C port of the laptop must support DisplayPort Alt mode to output audio and video signals.

Space-Saver! Fit Either on the Small Round Table at Coffee Shop

M152H is with vivid image quality comparable to MacBook. Simply connect M161H to Thunderbolt 3/4 ports of MacBook Pro/Air by one USB Type-C cable, you can effortlessly setup a mobile work station to complete tasks easily!

Your Game Pal! Larger Screen & Uninterrupted Power Supply

Play Nintendo Switch in TV mode without the dock by simply connecting with one cable! Play the games on the big screen while charging with the USB-C cable, keeping your Switch charged fully at any time. Just play it at any corner you like!

*When using USB-C to charge Nintendo Switch, M152H should be connected to the 65W PD power adapter.

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Fast Charging for Phone, Uninterrupted Binge-Watching!

iPhone 15 Screen Mirroring by USB-C

iPhone 15 supports the DisplayPort protocol via USB-C, requiring only a USB-C video cable to connect to the M152H monitor. Instantly mirror your iPhone 15 without an adapter, hub, or Airplay-compatible TV ! Effortlessly enlarge YouTube or other multimedia apps, creating your own luxury theater. Some mobile games or apps support full-screen mode horizontally. Enjoy a stable viewing experience on this 15.6-inch monitor while watching movies, browsing web, or making slides. Additionally, through the USB-C port of the M152H monitor, fast charge your phone without worrying about running out of battery, ensuring long-lasting power all day!

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*The phone's USB Type-C port must support the DisplayPort Alt. For screen mirroring the iPhone, please using the USB Type-C video cable of M152H monitor to connect the phone and the monitor.
*Apple's standard USB-C power cable is only for charging not for video signals transmission.

Wanna Try to Connect External Monitor for Android Phone?

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Charge While Watching
Maximize Every Moment!

The USB-C port on the M152H features 45W PD fast charging function, which supports to charge USB-C laptop, tablet, smartphone, MacBook and Nintendo Switch console. No need to connect to additional adapters, keep your device fully charged at any time and enjoy uninterrupted audio and video streaming.

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HDMI & USB Type-C Dual Interfaces

Easy Connection with General Laptop

Except the USB-C interface, M152H also has an HDMI input port for general HDMI laptops or single-board computer. M152H perfectly includes the two major video & audio interfaces, which allows you easily connect various laptops or other electronics.




Game Console


Apple TV








iPhone 15




Surface Pro



Portable Laptop Dual Monitors for Business Trips

Experience the power of concentration given by the dual monitors anywhere! Use the dual monitors to check two different reports in a hotel, and you can also view the dual monitors face to face with your customers, which much improves the efficiency of meetings!

Portable Laptop Dual Monitors for Business Trips

Experience the power of concentration given by the dual monitors anywhere! Use the dual monitors to check two different reports in a hotel, and you can also view the dual monitors face to face with your customers, which much improves the efficiency of meetings!

M152H_USB icon2

Discover More Applications with the Extended USB-A Port

When connecting the laptop through the USB-C port on M152H, the USB-A port on the monitor can be taken as laptop’s extended USB port to connect with mouse, keyboard, USB flash drive, microphone, camera or card reader, etc.! When connecting with Nintendo Switch console through the USB-C port, the USB-A port on M152H can be connect with an external keyboard, which makes play keyboard-compatible games such as Minecraft more easily. Moreover, it can be connected to a joy-con handle charger, allowing you to charge the spare handle while playing games!

*When connecting devices to USB-A port, M152H should be connected to the included 65W PD power adapter if the power is insufficient.
*Nintendo Switch supports external keyboard, but does not support external mouse and other devices.






Flash Drive






Card Reader


Sit to Stand
Get rid of Shoulder & Neck pain

When the external monitor is placed above the laptop, the stacked dual screens allow you to raise the eyesight, no longer need to hunch your shoulders and neck, naturally stretch your body to enjoy an immersive experience like in the cockpit mode. M1S4 stand also can be adjusted to the most suitable height and angle for standing. Allow the screen to match your sitting or standing habits, making it easy and stress-free even when you work long hours.


*Additional accessories sold separately.

Quick Mounting and Unmounting
Flexible adjustment

M152H portable monitor 可攜式螢幕 モバイルモニター quick-release M1S4 stand

Insert quick-release plug of M1S4 stand into the Quick-release port of M152H monitor to mount up the monitor firmly in seconds. When you need to carry the screen, you can remove it easily by pressing the quick release button.

M152H portable monitor 可攜式螢幕 モバイルモニター quick-release M1S4 stand

Depending on your sitting posture and height, the M1S4 Stand can be adjusted between 20° forward and 50° backward, allowing you to view easily without color cast either sitting or standing.


The monitor can be seamless aligned with the laptop. The height of the lower edge of the display area from the desktop can be adjusted between 23cm~35cm.

Realistic Colors Bring the World to Your Eyes

Equipped with a 1080P high-brightness, wide-color gamut panel, M152H monitor perfectly restores the most authentic appearance of the picture, unreservedly presents vivid, smooth, and rich-layered picture details! M152H adopts matte surface treatment that effectively reduces interference from ambient light sources, ensuring clear visibility for both motion pictures and text.


Color Gamut




Contrast Ratio


Eye Care


Ultra-Narrow Bezel x Rear Ports

Extreme Focus with Immersive Field of View

Ultra-thin 7mm bezel and the rear port design allows you to expand side by side, seamless dual monitors for a laptop. The brand-new, extensive field of vision incubates lots of fresh ideas to emerge.






Expand Large Map Games with Seamless Laptop Dual Monitors!

Set up side by side, seamless dual monitors for your laptop to expand the large map game. The details can be seen at a glance, allowing you to quickly spot the enemies lurking in the corners in the ever-changing battle field, and seize the opportunity to win the game!

Enhanced Bass, More Realistic Sound

Slim monitor can either be equipped with high-quality speakers! The M152H has built-in 2W dual-channel speakers on the front, which is fine-tuned for music, game, movie sound sources to enhance clear and realistic sound quality! Whether it is general soundtrack, bass drum, gun sounds in games, heavy bass in movies, you can enjoy the distinguished, powerful and thick sound effects.

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Find Your
Most Comfortable Viewing Angle!

Quick-Release Stand Gives a Clearer View

There are top and bottom quick-release slots on the back of the M152H monitor for disassembling and installing the stand in one second. The two flexible assembly ways allow you to change the viewing angle of the screen from 0° to 80° freely. The angles can be fine adjusted through the stepless stand to meet the user’s posture and height.


The stand is equipped with a strong hinge and non-slip pads, allowing the monitor to stand firmly at every angle!



Thin & Light Storage Sleeve

For Business Professionals and Travelers

The M152H portable monitor is equipped with an exclusive storage sleeve. The Ins-style cyan blue tone is simple and stylish. The clever document-pocket design and the soft texture makes the sleeve handy and practical. The single thick-layer design protects the front of the screen from impact, which ensures the monitor to be safely carried in a briefcase or backpack.


*Notice! The display area of the monitor shall be placed with the front side facing the thick layer to protect the screen and prevent the panel from breaking.

M1 Series Comparison

Models M141E M152H M161H
Screen Size 14.0-inch(16:10) 15.6-inch(16:9) 16.1-inch(16:9)
Resolution 1920x1200 1920x1080 1920x1080
Brightness 250 (cd/m²) 300 (cd/m²) 270 (cd/m²)
≤6W ≤10W ≤10W